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Window and Glass Home Security: Good Locks And Other Helpful Hints

Getting together with a local locksmith is a great way to make sure that your home or office is kept safe and sound and one of the vulnerable places where these trades people can lend a real hand is with your windows an d door glass. Remember that experts say your windows are the weak link in your overall home security plan since thieves can break the glass or even pry windows open to get into your home illegally.

You can start a security overhaul by looking at the various types of door glass that a locksmith will suggest as an upgrade. Getting to know about the choices here will be instrumental in fostering your piece of mind.

For example, changing out the regular glass units that are common in many homes is a good starting point and strengthening acrylic plastic is a great alternative since the material is transparent and at the same time shatter resistant.  If you’d rather not change out the glass that you have in your doors,  polyester safety film is another excellent alternative to have a look at. This product can be fitted over the existing glass and prevents shattering if there’s an attempted break in.


One cautionary note here. You need to be sure that the brand you choose is designed for outdoor use since the material can expand and contract more than glass and so special allowances need to be made.


Once you’ve beefed up the security around the glass in your doors, you need to have a look at the windows around your home and what can be done there. Finding the right windows locks is the right move for the ones in your home that aren’t already adequately protected. Keep in mind that while key locks afford some of the best security, they are not suited for bedrooms or other places in the home where you might need to make a quick exit during an emergency.  Misplacing the keys could result in injury or worse.

Window guards are one way to get around the problems that keyed locks might present but you still need to remember that ones affixed permanently to bedroom windows present the same escape troubles as the locks. One solution is to find bars or grills that  can be opened from the inside. Remember grills are the perfect security measure for basement windows leading to rooms that are not to be used for sleeping.  Tamper resistant fasteners need to be used here.





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