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What Savvy Locksmiths Say About Smart Locks

Locks and keys have been around for centuries, but as technology has advanced, so have burglars’ skills. Some locks are very vulnerable these days, and manufacturers continue finding ways to stay ahead of criminals. These days, there’s an app for everything – including for locks. That’s right – you can invest in a smart lock, which you can unlock from anywhere using your cellphone. But what’s the deal with smart locks, really?

How do Smart Locks Work?

Smart lock manufacturers claim to use the same security protocols that are used in online banking .That means that whenever your smartphone communicates with a lock, the conversation is 128-bit AES encrypted. 128-bit encryption is used by some government agencies, whereas 192- and 256-bit AES encryption is used for top secret classified intel.

Technically, any skilled hacker who can gain access to military servers, banks or government websites, could hack into your smart lock. But those guys probably have bigger fish to fry, and won’t waste their time breaking into a residential home. The biggest security threat to a smart lock is not about the data transmission, but rather with how individual users authenticate the digital keys. Bluetooth SMART works differently to previous versions of Bluetooth.

A smart lock allows you to keep burglars out of your home, and allow you to let the right people in, whether it is friends, family or trusted service providers. It gives you complete control of your front door, even when you’re not home, because it is all managed from your smartphone. The smart lock industry has already advanced to include not only smart locks, but also doorbell cameras and smart keypad locks. Once again, all these devices are managed from your smartphone.

What to Look for in a Smart Lock

As discussed, most smart locks are based on the same encryption system, but there are some additional features to look out for, namely:

❖ Two-Factor Authentication

In order to get the highest level of security, opt for a product that uses at least two types of authentication.

❖ Two-Layer Encryption

Look for a system that uses a minimum of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology encryption, plus another additional encryption mode.

❖ Lost Phone Feature

One of the main risks of smart locks, is losing your phone. Therefore, it is important to look for a system that allows you to disable the app as well as any virtual keys that have been issued, from an associated device or on the company website.

Here at Locksmith Toronto Ontario, we believe that smart locks are the way of the future, provided they are used as specified by the manufacturers. If you’re not ready to move into the digital age with smart locks, we can provide you with an electronic lock, or keyless lock with a deadbolt, which would increase your security significantly compared to a standard lock and key set. Get in touch with Locksmith Toronto Ontario today for a security inspection of your home, and rest assured that your home security is in the best possible hands.

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