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Trick or Treat: Keep Your Home & Children Safe This Halloween

The year has flown by and before you know it, the trick and treaters will be knocking on your door looking for candy. In order to keep up the festive spirit, we recommend that you take every precaution necessary to avoid any injuries and loss of your belongings. Most importantly, you should do what you can to keep your own children safe. With the tips below, the team at Locksmith Toronto Ontario would like to bid you a Happy Halloween.

1. Hand out treats in the driveway

If your home or yard does not allow for a deluge of foot traffic, or if you prefer keeping strangers out, it might be a good idea to consider handing out treats in the driveway. Once your candy is finished, lock up the gate, switch off the porch lights and head inside. This is the unwritten “signal” that tells children that you’re calling it quits.

2. Keep your plans a secret

Just like your costume, it is best to keep your Halloween plans off social media. If you announce your plans to attend a party across town, it will be easy for anyone to look up your address and help themselves to your belongings. Hosting a party at your home? Be sure to only allow people you have personally invited, or approved “plus ones” into your home.

3. Lock the doors

If the party is at your home, don’t leave the doors open. Anyone could simply walk in uninvited and unannounced. It may be annoying to have to leave conversations to let someone in, but at least your belongings and that of your guests will be safe.

4. Always check the peephole

Criminals know that everyone is expecting innocent kids to knock on their doors during Halloween, without a second thought to check the peephole. This provides anyone the opportunity to easily get into homes. Don’t be a sitting duck – check the peephole.

5. Secure your belongings

Try as you might, but tenacious criminals may still gain access to your home. For that reason, it is important to put your valuables into a safe before you even welcome your first guests. It would be nice to offer guests that courtesy too, and it would enable you all to party without any worries.

Security Measure Maintenance is Key

Just because you have security measures such as locks and alarm systems, don’t assume that everything’s fine. Be sure to run a maintenance check and see whether you have any loose or broken locks, and ensure that the alarm system is working as it should before the big night. If you have armed response, do a test run to ensure that the security company still receives a notification when the alarm sounds.

Some people might consider the above tips as overkill, but apply them anyway for the safety of your home and family. Don’t be complacent if you live in a gated community with controlled access and electric fencing. Criminals are known to find ways into some of the most secure premises, and Halloween is the perfect time to do so, as most people lower their guards on this night.

Speak to Locksmith Toronto Ontario about ways in which you can improve your security ahead of the big night.

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