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Toronto Locksmith’s Guide to Home Security Hardware

A home should be a place that offers a secure sanctuary in which a family can make memories and where children can be raised, carefree and fulfilled. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as home burglaries happen as often as every 13 seconds. That figure is based on reported incidents only which doesn’t encompass the less severe break-ins where small items are stolen, and cases in which theft is personal.

Personal theft is committed by estranged family members, ex-lovers and friends who might have gone off the tracks, somewhere, and for that reason, people don’t report the crimes. Some people don’t believe that the police can help them recover their stolen property, so they don’t report the crime. Break-ins cause more than just a financial loss… It can cause psychological damage too, as they take away your sense of peace and security.

Personal property crime continues to rise, which is why it is more important than ever to invest in effective home security systems.

Guide to Home Security

The first thing you should understand, before we discuss home security systems, is that there are different types of break-ins, namely:

● Forcible entry
● Attempted forcible entry
● Unlawful entry without force
● Successful burglary

There are many ways to prevent these types of burglaries, especially unlawful entry without force. Here’s how you can prevent burglaries in your home.

1. Educate your children

Increasingly, burglars pose as repairmen, contractors, or individuals looking for work. They are bold enough to go around knocking on doors, hoping someone would open up so that they can at least scout out the scene of their next potential crime. Teach your children not to open the door for strangers, even if they look harmless through the peephole, and to use the:

● Deadbolt
● Peephole
● Window and door locks

2. Create a home inventory

Make a list of all your valuables and store it in the cloud. Saving it on your laptop won’t do any good if the laptop is stolen. Be sure to include pictures, brand names and models, as well as serial numbers to give to the police and insurance company.

3. Mind the spare keys

Never leave your house keys hidden outside the house because burglars (and estranged family) know exactly where to look. Rather give it to a neighbor you trust, or consider installing a keyless locking system that works with a PIN number. That way, you have total control over who accesses your home, and when. Invest in a:

● Keyless locking system
● Smart lock
● Burglar alarm

4. Make it look like you’re home

Criminals generally avoid occupied homes, which is why most burglaries occur when people are at work or out of the house. When you do go out, make it look like you are home by putting the TV on a talk-show channel and the lights on a timer. Invest in:

● Light timers
● Motion sensor lights
● LCD simulator

5. Invest in home security

A burglar alarm is a great investment, as it makes a loud noise, and if it alerts a security or armed response company – even better! Of course, strong locks that can withstand a screwdriver and hammer are a must.

● Burglar alarm
● Reinforced doors
● Burglar bars

At the end of the day, many non-forcible entries can be prevented by being discerning about who you grant access to your house. Don’t just give everyone who visits a key to your home. Speak to Locksmith Toronto Ontario about the best home security options for your needs.

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