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Top 5 Home Security Apps

Mobile applications are becoming a bigger part of our lives every day, and they have the ability to change the way in which we do things – including protecting our homes. These days, we can use mobile apps to order food, send and receive money and even interact with our homes. If you have a smart home, you can use a mobile app to manage your lights, temperature and appliances, even if you’re not home. Apps are available for Android, Blackberry, iPad and iPhone, and a variety of other wi-fi enabled devices.

Today we’re going to look at some home security apps to make your home a safer place, and to protect the people and things you value most. But first, it is important to understand that some security system apps are proprietary, which means they were developed specifically for use with security companies’ own alarm systems. Other companies choose to forego the cost of developing their own apps, and instead make their security systems compatible with existing apps. Let’s take a closer look:

1. HomeWatch for Mac – $2.99

This motion detection app will snap a photo whenever it detects movement, or at specified intervals. The photos can either be stored on your hard drive or on a cloud service. Use it for security, or to find out what happens in your home when you’re out.

2. iCam for iPhone or Android – $4.99

Find out what’s happening in your home when you’re away with this app that enables you to monitor multiple video cameras simultaneously on your tablet or smartphone. Motion activated, this app will send an instant notification with video streaming.

3. Presence for Apple – Free

Use an old iPhone 3GS as a camera to monitor what’s happening in your home on another Apple device. Simply download the app onto both the devices, setting one up as a camera and one as a monitor. Set the camera up in a spot you’d like to watch and monitor the feed in live two-way audio and video feed. The motion detector will alert you to movement and send a short video clip by email.

4. iSentry for iPhone – Free

This system uses your computer’s web cam as a video surveillance system. It records a video or photo when it detects movement. Simple to set up, and no additional equipment needed.

5. iWatchU for Mac and iPhone – $7.99

This app allows you to monitor several rooms at once, and it supports unlimited Firewire or USB cameras simultaneously. You can stream live action video with this app that uses advanced motion detector algorithms to capture any movement in front of the camera. It can also control your computer’s ambient light sensors for best results.

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