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Top 4 Sliding Door Security Hacks

Who doesn’t love the convenience of a sliding door? It is literally a window to the world  that offers the best of both worlds:  closed against the elements, when you need it to be, and an opportunity to extend your home to the outdoors during long summer days and balmy nights. Glass sliding doors are commonly used in most homes, providing backdoor access to backyards and patios as well as the comfort of enjoying the view outside, while being cocooned inside the home.

However, there are some security drawbacks to glass sliding doors: It gives prying eyes unfettered visuals of your home life – whether it is nosy neighbors or burglars. No matter how secure the rest of your home, if your sliding doors are vulnerable, so is your family. The good news is that it needn’t cost a lot of money to secure your sliding doors. Here are some cheap and easy sliding door security hacks:

  1. Stop them in their tracks

Sliding doors move along a set of metal, wood or vinyl tracks using rollers. Latch locks are easily compromised, so it is important to add an additional layer of security.

A cost-effective way to add more security to your sliding door, is to simply insert a bar into the tracks of a  horizontally moving door to prevent it from being pushed open if the lock is compromised. Find a bar made of metal or wood that will offer the most resistance.


  1. Chain them up


We’re talking about the door handles, of course! This method works best on double sliding doors that slide along tracks to meet in the middle and slide away from one another to open up. Burglars may try to gain entry to your home by prying the doors apart, but you can prevent this by  using a short and chain link through each handle and locking it together. If your door opens only to one side, you could install another handle in the wall next to the actual door handle, so that you can apply the same method. Bike locks work as well, and you can even buy specialized devices for this purpose.

  1. Lock them up


Just because a sliding door has a lock, does not mean it is secure. Criminals have been known to cut a finger-sized hole in the glass near the lock to open the door, take their loot and lock when they leave. Another method to prevent the door from sliding open, is to install a special hidden lock that secures the door to the frame.


  1. Reinforce your security


…the glass in particular.  Many homeowners overlook this – the most logical and most effective method. Most burglars will be deterred by the above strategies, but to further secure your home, you could consider reinforcing the doors with a clear layer of glass film. Some types of protective film offer a built-in tint that will prevent people to look into your home from outside, while still affording you the luxury of enjoying the view outside.


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