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Top 10 Most Protective Dog Breeds

Dogs make for great pets. They offer companionship and unconditional love. Their protective nature is one of the reasons why people have used dogs for security for many years. Fearless, dogs will easily put themselves in danger to protect their humans. Their canine senses are adapted to sense potential threats, and they are quick to take action in order to avert danger befalling their masters. However, some dogs are more skilled in this department than others. So which is the most protective dog breeds to secure your property? Our selection might surprise you, so keep on reading.

Most Protective Dog Breed # 1: Bullmastiff

Strong, courageous and a great hunter, the bullmastiff has high energy levels. With proper training and socializing, this indoor dog will take its job as your protector very seriously. Provided they get enough exercise, it is fine for these dogs to stay inside. However, without socialization and training, they may become aggressive towards other animals.

Most Protective Dog Breed # 2: Doberman Pinscher

This family dog has very high energy levels, and needs a lot of exercise. They take the security of the home seriously and are very protective. Sensitive to cold weather and thunderstorms, these dogs should be kept inside during winter, and they require early socialization.

Most Protective Dog Breed # 3: Puli

The puli is known by its unusual hair, and by their suspicious nature. If something out of the ordinary is happening, they will bark until they are satisfied that it is not an issue anymore. Loyal to a fault, these dogs are also highly intelligent. Most pulis will need professional training due to their stubborn and adventurous nature. A daily shower is advisable in order to keep their hair clean and skin issues at bay.

Most Protective Dog Breed # 4: Giant Schnauzer

Hard to handle and rather stubborn, destructive and aggressive, this one needs solid training and attentive owners. Proper socialization is also important, otherwise they may hurt strangers. Be sure that you have a large yard with secure fencing for your dog to run in. Excellent guard dogs, Giant Schnauzers should not be allowed near small children, as they are very playful and not aware of their own strength.

Most Protective Dog Breed # 5: German Shepherd

Probably one of the most popular guard dogs, the German Shepherd is excessively vigilant and courageous. They are very smart, strong and energetic, which is why they are often the first choice for law enforcement agencies. They learn quickly and react violently to intruders on the property for which they are responsible.

Most dogs need a lot of company, exercise, love and commitment. When you adopt a dog, you must be prepared to give it a forever home, but don’t do it if you’re not home a lot. Unless you’re able to give your dog that kind of commitment, you should rather invest in electronic early warning systems and home security. Lately, criminals have been poisoning dogs to gain entry to homes, knowing that people take their security for granted with a dog there to guard their home.

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