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Tips to Choose the Best Lock for Your Door.

Finding out the best possible door lock is one of the foremost requirements towards building a safe home. The security industry has seen serious technological advancement in the recent years. However, the need for a robust door locking system is still as important as it used to be. A good door lock is undoubtedly the first line of defense for your life and property. This is why it makes sense to spend some time to research before deciding to install a door lock. You may also seek assistance from a professional locksmith of repute to evaluate different alternatives and help you settle for the best.

Before discussing the most efficient door locking options, it is also important to ensure that the doors are of high quality. Even the best of door lock will be of no use if you have entry doors that are not solid. The safest alternative is to have steel doors or solid wooden doors with a minimum thickness of 4.5 cm. Doors with a glass panel or window must be secured using decorative grills. You may also install an unbreakable plastic panel over the glass. Before opening the door, it is extremely important for you to see who is at the door. Therefore, have a peephole installed, if you don’t have one already. Fish-eye lens type peepholes are strongly recommended because they have a much wider viewing angle comparing to others. Once all these things are in order, you can start looking for your door lock.

Over the years, deadbolts have been used as the most common type of door locks. These locks are extremely popular because they are inexpensive, and can provide a high degree of security. Deadbolts consist of metallic bolts that are capable of sliding into the door. A keyhole and latch are kept on the door’s exterior and interior respectively for the purpose of manipulation. Deadbolt locks are available in a wide range of varieties to offer different levels of security. While choosing a deadbolt lock, make sure your lock is made of brass, bronze, or solid steel. It is better not to choose a horizontal deadbolt lock because it is not impossible for the intruders to disengage the lock’s throw by prying apart your door from the strike plate. The remedy for this problem is using surface mounted or vertical deadbolt locks. If you have glass panes in your door, you may consider using double-cylinder type deadbolt locks.Intruders can’t reach inside simply by breaking the glass because these deadbolts need to be unlocked from both inside and outside using a key.

Just a few years ago, keyless entry systems were considered to be a novelty for homeowners. However, with an ever increasing crime rate around the world, more and more people have now started using these systems at home. Functionally speaking, a keyless entry system is nothing more than a deadbolt equipped with a numbered keypad instead of a standard key. These systems are extremely safe because the code is only known to a few persons residing in the house. However, a locksmith’s help may be required if they forget the code.

Advanced technology is now making it much easier for homeowners to stay safe from the intruders. Fingerprint door locks are one of the recent innovations that can provide you the ultimate level of security. One can only pass through these types of doors if his/her fingerprint is pre-recorded in the system. These locking systems, however, are extremely expensive because they utilize the latest technology. Depending on your requirement, a fingerprint door lock may cost anything between $300 and $1,000.

While shopping for a locking system, it is extremely important to remain patient. There are hundreds of manufacturers offering all types of door locks. Also, please remember that there is no lock available in the market that can guarantee hundred percent protection from intruders. However, by diligently using the recommended locks, you can certainly make life difficult for them.

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