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Smart Lock, Smart Lock on the Door, Who’s the Smartest of Them All?

These days we have smart phones, smart watches, smart homes… It’s only natural that we’d want our locks to be smart too. But what is a smart lock, and why should we want it? Think about the functionality of standard locks. We have a key that opens the lock, and when we want to give someone else access to the home, we must give them a copy of the key and ensure that they return it. When we’re away from home, there’s no way of knowing who has access to your property with borrowed keys.

Smart locks ring in a new era in home security, and in this post we look at the innovation behind some of the top smart locks on the market today.

Smart Lock Features to Consider

Smart locks generally work with a smartphone app that’s downloaded from an online store or from your lock manufacturer’s website.

Apps have different features, including:

● receiving notifications when someone arrives or leaves your home
● identifying visitors at your home
● allowing you to provide virtual keys to other people
● it may allow you to enable an electronic fob to lock the home without a phone (handy for families with children, or for people working in your home).

Consider the features that are important to you before you choose the best lock for your home.

Top 5 Smart Lock Brands on the Market Today

#5 – August

August offers a range of smart locks, including:

❖ August Smart Lock that turns your smartphone into a smart key.
❖ August Doorbell Cam that allows you to see who’s knocking from anywhere.
❖ August Smart Keypad lock uses secure access code based system to grant access.

#4 – Goji

Replace your deadbolt with a sophisticated smart lock. This easy-to-install system takes a snapshot of your visitor and sends it to your phone before you decide whether or not you want to grant access.

#3 – Kwikset Kevo

This smart lock uses Bluetooth to replace the regular deadbolt. The user receives two traditional keys, two key fobs and two ekeys, the latter being encrypted and used via your smartphone. These ekeys cannot be duplicated. Great for use with guests or workers, you can allow anytime, or scheduled access.

# 2 – Schlage

The LiNK Wireless Keypad Add-on Deadbolt smart lock sends a notification whenever the deadbolt is used. It holds up to 19 personalized codes which you can assign to family or friends. When someone enters, it sends a notification as to which code was used. Furthermore, you can use your smartphone to monitor or provide access.

#1 – Anviz

The Anviz L100 Fingerprint Lock is truly unique. The stylish design of the Anviz L100 features a stainless steel finish with black accents and a blue fingerprint reader. In case of malfunction, you can use the RFID key tag or backup keys to gain access. It has the ability to store the information of each member of the household, as well as temporary spots for guests or nannies.

If you have not yet switched over to the world of smart locks, now is the time to get in touch with Locksmith Toronto Ontario.

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