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Should You Get A Dog Or A High Security System? See something Wrong? Do Something Right!

No matter what neighborhood you are in, I think everyone is susceptible to having intruders enter their home. Moving into a safe neighborhood is not good enough. If you want to make sure your children or your prized possessions are safe when your not there then the answer is to invest in a home security system. Security should at the top of your list for priorities. Wouldn’t it be great knowing while at your work that you have nothing to worry about? A customer who purchased a security system for her home shared her story on Get Rich Slowly. “I could open the garage door and unlock the house from my key fob as I arrived home; I could even turn on the lights remotely or program them to come on automatically. If there was an intruder, a piercing alarm sounded and the security company would immediately notify police or the fire department if it was the smoke alarm.”

Clearly it is worth the money. Think about it. What if you are traveling on vacation for a long period of time or even a couple days? Don’t you want to enjoy your vacation knowing your home is safe? Sure you could get your neighbours, friends, or families to come and check your home, but why bother when they don’t have to.

Door alarms and CCTV security cameras are probably the best thing to invest in. With security cameras it is a great feature for when you are home. Strangers will look at them; ring the bell and then step back 10 feet from the door. As if they won’t be seen. What they don’t know is that the camera is pretty sophisticated and you can see quite a distance including the courtyard and the front gate, which is 15 feet from the front door. So no matter where they stand, you can see them.

Evidently, most break-ins are through windows and doors. For windows consider buying “pin locks.” These are merely metal screws that lock they upper and lower window sashes together. You can get rid of them easily, and best of all they’re nearly impossible for a burglar to remove from the outside. You can easily install them yourself. For doors, if your entry doors are hollow, you might want to consider replacing them. If your doors have windows, consider replacing them as well. Why? A window is a hole in your door, therefore that’s not secure. Replacing doors can be costly, but at the end of the day when you weigh the pros and cons it is necessary to correct these serious security faults.

If after all this you still aren’t convinced maybe this statistic by Safe Wise will shine some light upon you. More than 2.5 million home intrusions are reported every year in the United States. And in addition, about 61% of all burglaries are committed by forcible entry.  There are a lot more statistics that will shock and inform you, so you may want to reconsider and invest in some home security. If they can’t force there way in they can’t damage or steal anything.

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