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Security Tips to Protect Your Home While You Are Away

With the holidays upon us, many of us will be traveling over the next month or so, spending time away from home. Whether you’re planning a road trip for a weekend, or going to visit Europe for three weeks, travel is a great way to renew your spirit and return relaxed and ready for the new year ahead. Except, returning home to find that your valuables are gone. These tips from Locksmith Toronto Ontario will help keep your home secure while you are away.

1. Hire a sitter

An empty house is an invitation to burglars. College students often offer house sitting services, or you may ask a neighbor or friend to do it for you. While they’re at it, ask them to take care of your pets and plants, too.

2. Ask neighbors

Being a nice neighbor helps in situations where you want someone to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. The more the merrier! Perhaps a neighbor could park his car in your driveway every few days to give the illusion of someone being home.

3. Speak to the police

Many community policing forums have a vacation program for residents who are away. Give the police a call and ask them to patrol your street more regularly and check on your house occasionally.

4. Use a timer

Leaving a single light on is a bad idea. Instead, use different lights, televisions and a radio on different timers. This will create an illusion that someone is home, and deter criminals.

5. Prevent your sliding door from sliding

A supplemental lock is important if your home has sliding doors. Use wooden closet rods, broomsticks or PVC pipe in the track of your sliding door to prevent it from sliding.

6. Mow the lawn

An overgrown lawn is a clear sign that nobody is home. Mow the lawn before you leave, and hire a neighbor’s kid to do it while you’re away.

7. Suspend deliveries

Nothing screams “nobody’s home” like mail and newspapers piled up on the front lawn because the mailbox is full. Cancel deliveries while you’re away, and ask a neighbor to check your box every few days.

8. Install Extra Security

You may only be away for a short while, but additional security will give you peace of mind for a long time. Here are some of the security devices to consider before your upcoming trip:

● a wrought iron security door to discourage burglars and encourage natural fresh air.
● deadbolts on the front and back doors.
● motion activated lights around the sides and back of the house.
● CCTV cameras in the home.
● an early warning alarm system.

Of course, just because you have systems in place, does not mean that you can be reckless with security. Do lock the doors and do activate the alarm. Also be sure to take care of any fire and flooding risks before you leave. Do you need some help assessing your security needs? Get in touch with Locksmith Toronto Ontario today.

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