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Securing Your New Home with Help from Locksmiths in Toronto

Undoubtedly, house sales pick up with the onset of spring and reach their highest in the middle of summer. Therefore, with moving into new homes, one thing that buyers must consider and ensure before settling in, is contacting locksmiths in Toronto. Hectic though it may be, the dusting, the cleaning, and the packing and unpacking, new homeowners should not get so preoccupied that they forget to ensure the security of their new home.

Top on the list should be replacing all the pre-existing locks of your new abode. Qualified and vetted locksmiths, such as the locksmiths in Toronto, should be entrusted with this job. If you were to think about, it there are so many people who could have easy access to the new home, previous home owners and their large network of friends and relatives, real estate agents and so on. With the locks replaced, you can rest easy in your new home. The new system should ideally be patented or one could also use a locking system that is restricted. In the case of patented keys, one would have to prove ownership before making a copy. The restricted keys have such unique mechanical cuts that it is nearly impossible to have a copy made.

The above method, though quite reassuring, can be quite costly to begin with. One could still use the off-the-shelf-locks, but ensure that a trustworthy locksmith, for instance locksmith Toronto carry out the replacement of the locks. The new owners should take great caution to ensure that they have all of the original keys, as well as the initial copies so that there is no chance of any new copies being set. The method is much cheaper than the above, although there is a little more room for copies being made.

The locks should also not be restricted to doors only, but also windows should be fitted with quality locks as well. Statistics show that 1/3 of the total burglary entries are done through windows. The strongest type of window lock is the casement lock although a fanlight window lock could also be very secure. For that extra security, one could also consider installing a burglar alarm in their new home so that they can rest more peacefully. Should one consider to do the fitting on their own they should ensure that the drill bits, as well as the sizes of the screws are the appropriate type so that the fitting is not loose, but it is highly advised that locksmiths in Toronto are left to the job, after all a new home is a huge investment.



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