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Maintain Your Garage Door PLUS! 3 Quick Garage Door Hacks

Your garage is home to your car and other valuable possessions. It is meant to keep the elements and thieves away from your valuables, but sometimes garage doors develop issues. Regular maintenance can help alleviate issues, such as garage doors that won’t open, or lock.

How to Maintain Your Garage Door

Replacing a garage door can cost a lot of money, so investing time into maintaining it makes good sense. Take the time to ensure the garage door is in good operating condition, as it will extend the life of the operating components, and the motor, if you have one.

1. Remove Dust and Debris

All the components of your garage door must be kept dust and debris free in order for it to smoothly slide up and down the track. You can clean the components regularly using a paint brush or lint-free cloth.

2. Apply a Grease-Free Lubricant

Oil or grease applied to the operating parts of your garage door ill attract dust. Eventually, it can cause a build-up that will increase the risk of future issues. Instead, use a grease-free lubricant such as WD-40 to ensure that the components operate smoothly and remain rust-free.

3. Protect the Torsion Spring

The inside of the garage door houses the torsion spring, which runs the width of the door, connecting to the main chain track. Do not tamper with the torsion spring, other than giving it a liberal spray with WD-40.

4. Clean the Lock Mechanism

The lock spring mechanism is located at the side of the door. Brush it out with a paintbrush and apply grease-free lubricant to protect it from rust.

Garage Door Hacks

Things sometimes go wrong, no matter how well you maintain your garage door. Here are some quick fixes:

Power’s Out: If you don’t have power and need to get your car out of the garage, you may notice a cord dangling from the guide track. Pull that, because it is the manual override, and it will allow you to manually operate the door.

Cold Stiff: When the cold weather stiffens your garage door opening mechanism, causing it to lose power, see if it has a pressure adjustment and adjust the settings every season to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

Sagging Issues: If it’s getting harder to open the garage door, it is possible that it has vecome saggy over time. Tighten the diagonal rods at the turnbuckles to straighten out the door, only a little bit at a time. Homestores sell tension rods, if your garage door is not equipped with it.

If Your Garage Door Won’t Lock…

What do you do if your car is parked in the garage, but it is not secure because your garage door doesn’t lock? If you look on the inside of the garage door, you should see two horizontal bars running into slots at the sides of the door, locking it into place. These bars may shift out of position slightly, causing them to no longer be aligned with the locking slots. Realign the bars by unscrewing the guide brackets on the edge of the door. Once they are loose enough to move, reposition them to smoothly guide the locking bars into the slots. When you’re done, lubricate the lock using machine oil.

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