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Locksmiths in Toronto Use Four Top Tricks

Locksmiths don’t just randomly pick locks there are skills that they put to use and tricks that make them more effective in solving those locksmith issues. If you have experienced a lockout and thought you could just take a pick, jam it into the lock, like locksmiths, and viola! Then you could be out in the cold for longer than you think. Experienced locksmiths know it usually takes more skill than sweat to spring locks free. It takes a mix of practice and patience to pick locks or get keys unstuck. You also need the proper tools. Locksmiths in Toronto use a number of tricks to perform locksmith services fast and with efficiency. The top four tricks they use include:


Don’t ignore the importance of this step. And yes, it is a trick that all seasoned locksmiths in Toronto and other places employ. Assessing the condition of a lock is important. The condition of the lock may determine the length of time you take to get it open. If the lock is old and dirty, its tumblers may have been weakened over time and hence would reduce lock-picking effectiveness.

For those weatherworn locks, carefully consider which method or tool to use. Also, remember that even one bit of grit may mean failure.


The plug should be generously lubricated with a spray such as WD40. The lubrication should be done in the tumbler with a rake pick. Using a tension device or tool that will fit the keyway and apply the necessary tension, not too much, as this will weaken the springs and the pins will be kept in place.


Scrubbing is the next step in lock picking aimed at lifting the four or five pins in the lock. When using a key, this is the mechanism used when unlocking door locks or other locks. Scrubbing entails pushing the lock pick up the first pin and across to the back of the pins. Reversing this process can be done by pushing the fourth or fifth pin at the back then pulling the pick forward. Use lighter and stronger tension alternately so as to set the pins. Knowing how to do this will involve ‘feeling’ the pins set and knowing how to set the pins in any order, for instance, middle to front, back to middle etc.. This is an important skill for any locksmiths in Toronto.


Just stick a pin in the lock and jiggle. The tension has to be just right. When a pin is set, cease the jiggling and get to another section of your lock. So next time you need locksmith services such as a lock picked call locksmiths Toronto who have many tricks up their sleeves and have your issues solved.


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