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How to Replace UPVC Window Handle Locks

UPVC window handle locks use an in-line key-locking push button, and is used with shootbolt or espagnolette window locks. The push-button provides additional security by fixing the window handle in a holding position, even without a key. Therefore, the handle can’t be flicked open from the outside, even when it is sprung using a screwdriver. The handle is operated using a push button, and is automatically re-locked when returned to a closed position. Supplied with a key, it offers a deadlock function for windows. However, UPVC window handle locks can break, and this is how to replace it.

While UPVC window handle locks generally last for many years, you may encounter these two common problems, namely:

The Lock Becomes Stuck or Jammed

If the key won’t go all the way in, or won’t turn inside the cylinder, it could be that the euro cylinder has failed and needs to be replaced. Wear and tear could cause this to happen, or the lock may just be of inferior standard. Don’t leave the key inside the lock, as it may be operated from the other side, causing the lock to be out of sync.

If the key goes in and turns in an anticlockwise direction, or does a complete turn but won’t open the door, it could be that the hook or security bolt has jammed, or that the multi point lock has failed. This might happen if the frame does not fit correctly because it is out of alignment, or if the handle has been broken due to force, or wear and tear due to being slammed constantly.

Damaged Window Lock

A faulty window lock could be floppy when it is being lifted, or the key might go in but require some jiggling to make it work. Sometimes, the door hook won’t work properly, and those are all signs that the lock should be replaced.

How to replace UPVC Window Handles Locks – Step-by-Step

Euro profile cylinder locks contain a cam (a part which locks the handle. The handle operates the UPVC mechanism.), which has to be in line with the body of the euro lock in order for the door to be removed. You need a key to remove the screw on the euro lock, otherwise it will not slide out unless the cam is in the right position. Without a key, it is best to get in touch with a locksmith to replace UPVC window handles locks. Only MLA approved locksmiths can come out to your site to change the locks without a key.

Locksmiths have special tools to correctly remove the handle and replace it with a new one. Speak to your locksmith Toronto about upgrading your outdated UPVC multipoint locking mechanisms to increase the security of your home. Some specialist UPVC multipoint locking mechanisms have anti drill, anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-snap features that greatly increase security. If you’re experiencing issues with your window locks, call Locksmith Toronto Ontario to replace your UPVC window handle locks.

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