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How to Install a Peephole in 3 Easy Steps

A peephole is an important security measure for your home. Common in the exterior doors of most homes, it allows you to see who is outside before you answer the door. It can ensure that you know who is knocking or ringing your doorbell before you open the door to potential criminals. Easy to install, we here at Locksmith Toronto Ontario recommend you have one installed, or read our instructions below to learn how you can install your own peep hole or viewer.

The key to ensuring that your investment is secure, is to ensure that you have installed it correctly. You also have to buy a peephole kit with a solid door to ensure that nobody can stick something inside your home and endanger you. The wrong peephole can reveal too much about you, so it is important to choose carefully.

Buying the Right Peephole Viewer

Wide angle peep holes enable you to see almost everything on the other side of the door. Opt for a viewer with a 200 degree viewing range for the best visual possible.

What You Will Need

Have the following 7 tools and equipment handy when you are ready to install your peephole viewer:

1.door viewer kit
2.silicone sealant
3.tape measure
4.drill and spade bit
5.safety goggles
7.step ladder

Preparing the Door

The first step would be to locate the centre of the door and the height at which you want to install the peephole. The height must be convenient for all members of your household.

Be sure that the spade bit has the correct diameter of the hole required for your peephole. The product installation instructions should provide the exact size of hole needed for the peephole.

2. Drill the Hole

Stand on a step ladder so that you can maintain a 90 degree angle. Wood might splinter, so be sure to start drilling slowly from the outside of the door first, and stop when the drill bit exits through the surface on the interior side of the door. One way of knowing when to stop drilling, is to hold the drill bit against the end of the door, using a piece of tape to mark the correct length. When you reach the tape while drilling, you know that you can stop.

3. Install Your Peephole

Most door viewers have a barrel and a lens that threads onto the outside of the barrel. The lens should be inserted into the hole you drilled, from the outside of the door, and the barrel should be inserted from inside. The two parts should then be hand-threaded together. Unless you have an overhang or a storm door, you should apply silicone sealant to seal out any moisture.

Most viewers come with a tool that helps to tighten the unit, but you can also use a coin if your does not have a tightener. The viewer should fit snugly, flush with the door.

Locksmith Toronto Ontario can install your peephole, if you are not an experienced DIYer. However, if you’re concerned about the drawbacks of peepholes, it may be an idea to invest in CCTV cameras instead. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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