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How to Replace UPVC Window Handle Locks

UPVC window handle locks use an in-line key-locking push button, and is used with shootbolt or espagnolette window locks. The push-button provides additional security by fixing the window handle in a holding position, even without a key. Therefore, the handle can’t be flicked open from the outside, even when it ...

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Top 10 Most Protective Dog Breeds

Dogs make for great pets. They offer companionship and unconditional love. Their protective nature is one of the reasons why people have used dogs for security for many years. Fearless, dogs will easily put themselves in danger to protect their humans. Their canine senses are adapted to sense potential threats, ...

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7 Tips for Escaping a House Fire

With burglaries and home invasions becoming ever more violent and frequent, many homeowners go to the extreme to protect themselves, their families and their belongings. Did you know that some people have double cylinder deadbolts on the burglar bars on their bedroom windows? Our biggest concern here at Locksmith Toronto ...

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Top 5 Home Security Apps

Mobile applications are becoming a bigger part of our lives every day, and they have the ability to change the way in which we do things – including protecting our homes. These days, we can use mobile apps to order food, send and receive money and even interact with our ...

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Deadbolt Locks

Here at Locksmith Toronto Ontario, we recommend a quality deadbolt lock for all the exterior doors in your home. Indeed, a solid, high quality deadbolt lock can help prevent break-ins and keep your residence secure. Deadbolt locks come in many styles, and are available from most lock manufacturers. The two ...

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Understanding Your Car’s Locking Mechanism

Every vehicle has a central locking system that is meant to keep unauthorized individuals out of your car, while allowing you to open the doors, the boot and drive it. Modern locking systems consist of manual or remote keyless mechanism, or a combination of the two. While the manual system ...

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