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5 Signs You Need An Access Control System for Your Business

All businesses have good reason to secure their assets, but unfortunately, many business owners choose to feign ignorance when it comes to the potential security risks. Being clueless as to the different systems and which security measures are best for their kind of business is one of the main reasons businesses suffer losses due to theft. If your company carries cash, valuable stock, confidential documents or intellectual property, you are a candidate for an access control system.

As the name implies, access control systems manage access to your building, office or particular rooms within your facility. With the help of an access control system, you can monitor or restrict access of unauthorised persons, thus reducing the risk of theft or vandalism. It will enable you to keep your data inside and threats outside, when mere locks won’t cut it. The problem with lock and key systems is that you have to give authorised employees keys to access the locks. Keys are lost or stolen, and unauthorized individuals can gain access. You’re also stuck with the cost of keying and rekeying the locks whenever a key goes missing or when an employee leaves your company.

On the other hand, access control systems come with a variety of options that enable you to format it for your specific needs. It is a great solution if:

lost or stolen keys pose an immediate security threat;
employees require different access privileges;
you would like to restrict access at a certain time, or on a specific day;
you need a record of people entering or leaving your premises;
you would like to improve security for your clients or employees.

Access Control Systems Offer a Range of Benefits

1. Whenever a person opens or tries to open a door or access an area, there will be an audit trail, which is helpful in resolving time card disputes and other employee issues.

2. Restrictions can be placed on certain employees ability to access certain areas (or the entire premises) on a specific day or time of day. Janitorial staff don’t need unlimited access, which is why their access can be restricted to the number of hours they need to be in the office once or twice a week to clean.

3. Companies can save a small fortune on rekeying locks every time keys are lost or stolen, or when an employee leaves. Using an access control system, it is as simple as removing access on a single ID badge or other access key.

4. Some systems allow you to control all the locks on your premises from a centralized main system. That means that, in an emergency, you can quickly and easily lock down the whole facility or lock out anyone who should not have access.

Speak to Locksmith Toronto Ontario about your access control system needs. We will advise on the ideal system for your business’ requirements. Whether you want to manage and track access, or help enhance visitor and employee management, we have the right system for your needs. We can also provide alarm systems and close circuit television cameras to protect your business or home.

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