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4 Ways to Prevent Lock Bumping

Criminals have used lock bumping as a method of opening deadbolt locks and cylinder locks for decades. They use a specially designed bump key or rapping / 999 key to gain unauthorized access to homes and businesses. It takes minutes to open a lock using this powerful method. In this post, we’re going to discuss the method in more detail, and look at different ways in which you can prevent criminals from gaining access to your property.

About Lock Bumping

According to crime prevention and law enforcement statistics, up to 90% of all break-ins occur without any signs of forced entry. In most cases, it is due to the fact that windows and doors are left unlocked, but lock bumping is still a factor.This statistic correlates with what we see when we are called in after break-ins.

Ironically enough, locksmiths first invented lock bumping as a method for quickly and easily undo a misassembled cylinder. They would tap on the lock cylinder, all the while applying pressure to the back of the lock plug. They would use extra force as they push the key into the hole. Once the pins jump inside the lock cylinder, the plug would slide out easily, allowing for complete disassembly. In the last decade or so, this method has gained popularity with burglars, because it is so simple and effective.

Everyone can find out how to bump a lock through online tutorials. Bump keys are available from online stores for as little as $2. This gives anyone with a criminal mind access to your home.

Key Bumping Facts You Should Know

● Someone with a bumping key can open a common lock in as little as 10 seconds.
● Most homes in Toronto use old-style cylinder locks that can easily be bumped.
● Most locks sold at hardware stores are easy to bump.
● Lock bumping leaves no destruction or signs of forced entry.
● Anyone can make a bump key in minutes.

How to Prevent Lock Bumping Entry at Your Home

1. Enhance Visibility

Trim the hedges and landscaping around the doors, as it may offer a hiding place for criminals trying to gain access to your home. Also install good lighting for night time as it will deter intruders. Motion sensor lights are great!

2. Install Security Cameras

Lock bumping leaves no visible signs of damage, so it can be difficult to prove the legitimacy of your claim to insurance companies. You could hire a professional forensic locksmith, or you could install a security camera by your front door.

3. Install Anti-Lock Bumping Devices

Anti-lock bumping devices are inexpensive and prevent the deadbolt thumbturn element from turning. Without rotating, the key can’t turn and the deadbolt can’t retract back into the lock. Add to this a lightweight commercial grade lock, and you’re home free.

4. Install Special Pins

Bring your locks to Locksmith Toronto Ontario, or call us to come to you. We will install security pins that are especially designed to bind before the sheer line of the lock can be reached. While it is not completely bump proof, it will take longer to bump the lock and that will discourage them from trying.

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