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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Deadbolt Locks

Here at Locksmith Toronto Ontario, we recommend a quality deadbolt lock for all the exterior doors in your home. Indeed, a solid, high quality deadbolt lock can help prevent break-ins and keep your residence secure. Deadbolt locks come in many styles, and are available from most lock manufacturers. The two most common types include single cylinder deadbolts and double cylinder deadbolt locks.

Apart from the two main characteristics, four other important factors will determine which deadbolt you choose for your front door. Let’s take a look:

1. ANSI Grade

The Builder’s Hardware Manufacturers Association developed the ANSI grading system for deadbolts. The latch length, toughness and the longevity of the lock is rated from 1 (highest grade) to 3 (lowest rate). Grade 1 locks are generally used for commercial applications, and the 1 inch latch bolt can withstand 10 strikes of up to 75 pounds of force. The mid grade (Grade 2) is usually best for residential doors. It can withstand 800,000 cycles and has a 5/8 inch latch bolt. It can withstand up to five strikes of 75 pounds of force. Grade 3 locks are best used as a secondary security measure and has the same type of latch bolt as Grade 2 locks. It can withstand only 2 75-pound strikes of force.

2. UL 437

Underwriter Laboratories, the independent product safety certification organization, defined the UL437 rating for security hardware. It is the barometer for keyed locks.

The UL347 test measures against bumping, picking, prying, sawing, drilling, forcing or impressioning, and for tight-fitting bolts, field changeable keys, and the ability to withstand up to 10,000 opening and closing cycles.

3. Functionality

In addition to single and double cylinder deadbolts, there are two more types, each with its own functionality.

Single cylinder deadbolts are thrown and retracted using a key from outside and by turning a knob on the inside.
Double cylinder deadbolts are thrown and retracted from both sides using a key. These locks are best for use on doors that have windows nearby. Ask your locksmith to ensure that these locks are approved by your local building code before installing.
Once-sided cylinder deadbolt locks with an outside trim are thrown and retracted only from the inside. These locks are only for use on back doors, or those that don’t require access from outside.
One-sided deadbolts with outside trims are only retracted or thrown from the interior. It has no exterior plate or trim on the outside. These locks are best used on doors where the drill hole does not go right through the door.

4. Key Control

Giving keys only to people you trust, is common sense. However, there are times when someone may only need temporary access to your home, but who’s to say that they didn’t make any copies of the keys?

Mul-T-Lock deadbolt locks are designed to provide superb protection and come with a unique key card. Duplicate keys can only be created if the card is presented at the same time, and only by authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers.

Speak to Locksmith Toronto Ontario today about the best deadlock for your doors.

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