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Your Lock is Only As Strong As Your Door Frame

Every month, we tend to many break-ins that result from forced entry. We handle daily queries from home and business owners who are scrambling to find the latest gadgets to protect their families and valuables from theft. However, the one thing that most of them are missing, is the fact that they don’t understand the importance of a reinforced door frame.

Here’s something few people understand: The strongest deadbolt on the planet can’t provide sufficient resistance , unless the door frame is reinforced. Even a door with a deadbolt can be kicked down in two or three strong kicks, if it is not properly reinforced. The only benefit to a deadbolt on a weak doorframe, is that it will delay the burglar for a few seconds.

Why Door Frame Reinforcement is So Important

When force is applied to the door, a weak door and frame will give way quickly. In most cases, a few rusty nails keeps the shiny new bolt attached to the rotten wood. Since door frame reinforcement focuses on that problem, it provides security where you need it most.

The scary fact is that fewer than 10% of homeowners have doorframe reinforcements installed.

What is Door Frame Reinforcement?

When you hear the words door frame reinforcement, it brings to mind images of a fortress with a shark-infested moat. However, it is nothing that big (or as expensive) at all. In fact, it is quite simple, painless and inexpensive.

If you live in an area with a high crime rate, you will find that installing door frame reinforcements is a much cheaper option than lying awake worrying all night, or to lose your property to daylight robberies.

Doorframe reinforcement makes use of the deadbolt strike plate, which forms part of the deadbolt lock system. A strike plate is generally used with the latch, which holds the door closed, even when it is unlocked. The latch protrudes by 12.7mm-19mm, and when the door is closed, you would turn the knob, and use a lever or something else to retract the latch.

When opened, the door can be closed and latched without you having to do anything, since the latch is spring loaded. The latch will strike the lip (a curved piece of metal) when the door is closed. The lip will then push the latch into the door until the door is properly closed. Once closed, the latch will push out into a hole, holding the door in closed position. The hole into which the latch springs, and the lip form part of the strike plate.

A deadbolt, on the other hand, has the simple function of securing the door, using a bolt or a bar that extends into the door frame when the door is closed. In order for a deadbolt to be efficient, it must be mounted onto a quality door frame.

Most deadbolt locks are supplied with additional reinforcement plates and stronger, longer anchor screws. Some even come with a strike-box or a steel cup. However, if the installer omits to install these crucial elements, it will not make the home or business any safer.

Doorframe Reinforcement Take-Away

When it comes to the security of your home or business, you have to be proactive. While a crook who really wants to get in, often can’t be deterred, hacks and kids are often the culprits, and they get it right because property owners make it easy for them.

Make it hard for a burglar to gain entry and he may just give up. If your home is properly secured, you are wasting the thief’s time and put him in a situation to get caught. That’s the perfect reason to install door frame reinforcements.

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