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Why You Need a Valet Key?

Valet keys have always made it easy for car owners to have their vehicles securely parked when they attended meetings or events. While technology makes life easier in so many ways, it also makes it easier for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of your trusting nature. In the case of valets, it is now simple to make copies of your car keys. If you allow a valet to park your key, it is more important than ever to use a valet key.

When you toss your keys to a valet, you’re not only trusting him with an expensive vehicle, but also with the security of your home and business, which may well be saved on your GPS, with keys attached to your car key bunch. That’s why we recommend that you only use a valet service if you can give them a valet key.

What is a Valet Key?


A valet key is configured to unlock the driver’s side door of your car, and to start it. However, it usually can’t unlock the glove box or the trunk. It is made especially for people who allow others to operate their vehicles, such as valet parking attendants.

Online Key Duplication

While there is little risk of online key duplication impacting on your automotive key, a valet service provides the ideal opportunity for that to happen, and in this industry, the risk is very real. Unless you have a transponder key, giving the valet your car key can pose serious threats.

Anyone with a smartphone key duplication application and access to your automotive key could simply take a picture of the key and order it online. The same goes for other keys attached to your key ring, such as your house key and your business keys. Your home and business addresses are easy to obtain once they access your GPS, or look through the cubby hole at your mail or any other documents and branded items.

However, a valet key and a transponder key system on your vehicle can decrease the risk of compromising your automotive security, and, in the process, your home and business security too.

Valet parking has been around for probably close on a century, in one way or another, and it is still popular in Toronto today. However, as technology continues to advance, lock designers for automotive companies have to keep working harder to outwit criminally-minded individuals.

Do you often use a valet to park your car? Then you should consider the following security precautions when leaving your keys with a valet attendant.

➔ Remove all the other keys from your car key ring.
➔ Reprogram your GPS by giving “home” and “work” different names.
➔ Get a valet key made.
➔ Install keyless locks on all the exterior doors in your home.
➔ Install high security locks at your business.

Here at Locksmith Toronto, Ontario, we continue to stay on the cutting-edge not only of lock and key services, but also with technological advances. We get into the mind of the criminal to ensure that we can offer options that eliminate risks to the security of our customers, their homes, families and businesses.

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