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What Carrie Underwood Did When Her Baby Got Locked in the Car

Country star, Carrie Underwood, recently revealed how she had accidentally locked her four-month old son Isaiah Michael Fisher in the car with her dogs on July 11th. Underhood was left with no choice but to smash the car’s window to rescue her baby. The winner of American Idol season 4 revealed her experience of every mom’s nightmare to her 4.61 Instagram followers in a tweet: “When your dogs manage to lock themselves, all your stuff & the baby in the car & you have to break a window to get in. #WhatAreTheChances”. These were the same dogs that helped Underwood announced her pregnancy by posing with her in “Big Brother” and “Big Sister” t-shirts for a photo released on Instagram.

It’s not uncommon for excitable dogs to accidentally activate the locking function from inside the car, and if the windows are closed and the keys are in the ignition or elsewhere in the car, you will be left with no option but to break the window. This is especially dangerous in the hot summer months, when temperatures can quickly escalate to dangerous levels, leading to dehydration, heatstroke and – in severe cases – even death.


Small children and pets are particularly vulnerable to overheating, which can happen in as little as five minutes. According to experts, Carrie Underwood did the right thing by smashing the window to quickly get oxygen and ventilation into the vehicle. That’s what ultimately saves lives.

A bystander who fears for the safety of children or pets locked in a car, may by law break a window to rescue them, unless you can find the driver quick enough. We recommend that you first find a witness before breaking the window.

Once the occupants are rescued, they should be treated for symptoms of dehydration and heat stroke. Be sure to call an ambulance and law enforcement to help with that.

Ideally, motorists should follow these guidelines to prevent children and pets from being locked inside their cars:

1. Take them inside with you, even if you’re only going in for a minute, or if you’re in a rush.
2. If children and pets are not allowed where you are going, find someone to stay with them in the car, or leave them at home with a responsible sitter.
3. Don’t forget your baby in the car. Place something you have to take inside with you next to the baby on the back seat, or place the baby’s bag on the front seat. Make a habit of always looking in the back of your car before you lock it.
4. Always lock the car and close all the windows, even when you’re at home. Children and pets have a tendency to want to play in cars and can easily lock themselves inside without you knowing.
5. We can learn from Carrie Underwood’s story to never leave the keys in the car, even for a second.

It’s much easier when you simply lock the keys in the car, with no living creatures to worry about. In that case, you can simply call a mobile locksmith to come save you, 24/7. They can cut a new key for you or reprogram a spare key. Always keep a spare key in an easily accessible place so as to avoid these scenarios in future. Locksmith Toronto Ontario is at your service whenever you need us.

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