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Useful Locksmith Tips for the 4 Most Vulnerable Areas In Your Home

In a world where crime is rampant, we all want to feel more secure, especially in our homes. A home should be the one place where you can kick off your shoes and just relax quietly with your loved ones. It is a safe escape from the outside world. Your home should be the one place where you feel absolutely secure, and that’s why you should consider hiring a professional, licensed locksmith who can ensure that your home’s security features are in perfect condition.

A word of caution, however: Be sure to only hire licensed locksmiths. Many homeowners have been scammed by unscrupulous individuals posing as locksmiths, charging a small fortune for work that would cost a lot less with a licensed locksmith. Additionally, there is the unspoken honor code that licensed locksmiths follow when it comes to your home security. Ideally, you should ask friends and neighbours who have dealt with locksmiths for legitimate referrals, and double check their credentials with the Better Business Bureau and on industry registers.

Apaart from locksmith services, these professionals offer fantastic advice as to how you can keep your home safe and secure, providing peace of mind.

Locksmith Tips for Basic Home Security

Here are some of our best tips for keeping your home safe where it matters most:

1. Main Entrances

The main entrances are, quite literally, the gateway or th main point of entry for unsavory characters, which is why you have to pay extra attention to the main entryways and doorways – especially the front door and the back door.

● Install deadbolt locks on your main entrances to make sure that the home is secure.
● Speak to your locksmith about the best locks for your main doors. Ensure that the locks are more than 40 inches away from any glass or windows.
● Choose a sturdy material for your doors, including solid wood or steel.

2. Windows

Windows should have locks too, as they are made of glass, which is much more fragile than wood or steel.

● Install steel bars on the inside of windows in order to dissuade burglars from breaking and entering. It is easier to first cut burglar bars and then breaking the window to enter than the other way round.

3. Safes and Cabinets

Store your valuables and important documents in cabinets with secure locks. Alternatively, invest in a safe that has a secure locking system, particularly if you share your home with other people. However, keeping these aspects safe is also important, even if you live with your family, as trespassers can always enter your home.

4. Security Systems

When hiring a locksmith, look for one who has the qualifications and experience required to not only change your locks, but also to install a comprehensive security system for your home. This should include security cameras and alarms too, particularly if you live in a large house. It is not easy to monitor a large house with many rooms effectively without a decent security system.

With the right locksmith in your corner, you can rest assured that your home is safe. It will bring around a sense of peace of mind – something that is very important in living a full life.

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