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Useful Lock Inspection Tips for Your Home and Office

Most of us tend to rely heavily on professional locksmith service providers to keep us safe from burglars. Depending of experienced professionals is certainly the best way to go about it. However, all of us can evaluate the risk of burglary in our properties by conducting a short survey. In this post, we will share exactly the steps by which a security consultant evaluates the security systems in a property. These tips will help you prevent your property from becoming a soft target for the miscreants.

In order to evaluate the security of your home or office, the most important thing is to think from a burglar’s point of view. Try to figure out how easy or difficult is it to break into your house from outside when it is locked. Do you have open windows or unlocked backdoors in your house? These are the foremost factors that burglars look for before breaking into a house.

Start your inspection from your home and its yard. The questions to ask here are whether there is a fence in front of your home that needs to be climbed over. It is also important to ensure that the lights in your yard are functional and have adequate brightness. Burglars also have a tendency to target houses that have large bushes next to the window so that they can hide there.

Your next job is to thoroughly examine your doors and locking system. Your door locks are your strongest line of defense against burglary. It is highly recommended that all your exterior doors are equipped with deadbolt locks. These locks are highly reliable because they have a bolt that goes inside the door frame by protruding one inch from the frame of the doors. Deadbolt locks can not be pushed back in when the bolt is engaged. As a result, it provides a dead lock.

Carefully check the frame to ensure that the hole is deeper than one inch so that the bolt can go in. Otherwise, the bolt will not be able to create a deadlock. In such cases, you may drill the hole further to make it adequately deep. Examine whether the frame has any cracks or any other signs of damage. High security strike plates can also be installed to make your doors stronger.

With changing times, burglars have started acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to defeat ordinary locks. Therefore, it is important that you opt for locks with tougher tamper resistance, pick resistance, and key control. Also, please ensure that all your keys have not less than 5 cuts.

Examination of your home in terms of these parameters will tell you exactly how secure your home is, and help you take immediate measures, if needed.

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