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Two Special Tools Used by Car Locksmiths in Toronto

A locksmith without his tools is well…helpless. This is no different for a professional car locksmith. Toronto has many car locksmiths working on various service calls. An experienced professional in this area knows well that it is as much a matter of skill and expertise as well as the tools they use in trying to get those stuck keys out of the lock or solving that emergency lockout situation.


Things to Consider When Choosing Tools

A professional would consider a few things before choosing the tools to use in unlocking locked car doors or performing other services. These considerations are:

  • Kind of task to perform
  • Model of vehicle and door lock or keys models
  • Safety of vehicle. No damage to the body of the vehicle should be seen.

Some of the tools that a professional in Toronto may use to repair or replace faulty locks, get keys unstuck or unlock a car or ignition locks include:

Slim Jim

Slim Jim is also called the slim shim. This is a tool is a steel bar of varied lengths. The bottom of this tool is notched. Some of the tools can have slopes or bends down the length of the body. The tool is inserted in the space between the car window/glass and the auto window’s weather stripping when the technician wants to get the car door unlocked. The notch of the steel bar tool is often used to trigger the control arm for cars’ locking mechanism. The models of this tool can be slightly different, but the use is the same.

J and L Tools

These two tools are similar in utility but may have different designs that should be known and understood by a car locksmith. Toronto auto locksmiths should understand their workings. These tools are of particular use for autos that have unlock buttons or raised locks. The tools are passed through the autos windows. The tool has to be maneuvered so that it can raise the button or lock easily and thereby release the door. J and L tools can be used in combination with supplementary wires by a car locksmith. Toronto auto experts should understand these tools and the new models that perform the same functions.

When selecting tools that a professional needs to use, he has to ensure that the tools are such that no damage will result as the car door is being unlocked or the service is being done. Inappropriate tools can cause costly damage to vehicles. These tools are available in tool shops or other shops for the car locksmith. Toronto locksmiths should use the latest in tools for better and efficient service.

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