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Top 7 Burglar Deterrents

One of the main reasons why professional burglars choose their profession, is because it’s easy money. They don’t have to work for the items they steal, and they get to sell it for profit. The moment it looks like a “job” is too hard, or poses a risk that they might get caught, they will try to find an easier target. By making your house look too complex to break into, you should be able to repel the most ardent crooks. Let’s look at how you can do just that.

1. Burglars Hate Barking Dogs and Nosy Neighbors – So do you, probably, but it’s cheaper the price when it comes to preventing property theft.

2. Deadbolt Locks Keep the Enemy Outside – Burglars prefer easy pickings, such as people who forget to lock the door or arm the home security alarm. If it seems as though breaking into your home is going to be difficult, or that it will take too much time, they will leave. Always engage all your home security devices.

3. Home Safes Deter Criminals – Secure your expensive of priceless possessions in a built in home safe. A small portable safe is useless, as the thief can take it with him. But a built-in safe presents a delay when he has to disarm it, and most thieves just “ain’t got time for that”.

4. They Hate Home Security Systems Even More – More than dogs and neighbors, thieves despise home security systems. A loud alarm can scare an intruder away before he can do much damage. However, be sure to have the panel installed where it is not visible from any windows, as a burglar will look to see if it is armed.

5. Leave Your TV On – Most people try to save (a very negligible amount of) electricity by switching off the television or radio when they’re not home. However, leaving it on makes it look like someone’s home. If you want to preserve your TV’s lifespan, you may want to invest in a simulator that works on a timer.

6. Darling Leave a Light On For Me – Burglars just love when your shades are up and the lights are on inside. When they go for an evening walk, they can see exactly what’s going on inside, and what you own. As soon as you put the lights on, close the curtains and pull the blinds down. Switch on outside lights, especially on the porch. Motion-sensor lights are great, because they will alert you to any movements and will give burglars a fright when they enter your yard.

7. Stick ’em up! Security companies provide stickers for your windows and boards that can be placed on your fence, alerting would-be criminals that your home is protected by armed response – not something a lazy criminal wants to deal with on a relaxed Friday night thieving jaunt.

There you have it – 7 ways to make your home look like a worthless fortress to any lazy thief. Of course, it is best to make use of high security locks on all your external doors and windows, and security cameras are helpful when you have a big house or yard and you need to see where the threat is. Get in touch with Locksmith Toronto Ontario today for a free security assessment.

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