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Top 10 Home Security Mistakes Most Homeowners Make

Choosing the wrong curtains is a mistake that can easily be rectified. Burned food is not the end of the world. These are mistakes that we can learn from. However, many people make home security mistakes daily without realizing it. Unfortunately, they don’t realize their mistakes until it is too late. A home invasion can be a violation of your privacy, or it could be a tragedy that changes your family’s life forever. Please read this post to learn more about the common home security mistakes many of us are guilty of.

Home Security Mistake # 1 – Leaving doors unlocked

Many burglars take advantage of the fact that many people don’t lock their doors. You’ve probably heard that many burglars carefully pick their targets, and this is how: They walk up to homes, knock or ring doorbells, and when they get no answer, they jiggle the knob and walk right in. The same applies to unlocked garages, especially those that are attached to the home. Simple as that.

Home Security Mistake # 2 – Disabled alarms

Just like unlocked doors, a disabled alarm is nothing but an invite to a would-be burglar.

Home Security Mistake # 3 – Hiding a key in the flowerpot

Everyone knows to look under the flowerpot for a spare key – especially burglars. Never hide a key on the ledge, under the mat, in the mailbox or under the fake rock. If your family has an issue keeping keys secure, you may opt for a touch screen deadbolt, which is the most secure way to lock your door without a key.

Home Security Mistake # 4 – Leaving a ladder in the yard

Next time you drive around your neighborhood, take a look at all the ladders lying around in the yards. No matter how carefully you locked the garage and closed the windows on the ground floor, a burglar can use the ladder to access open or unlocked windows on the second floor.

Home Security Mistake # 5 – Social media postings

When you use social media, you never have 100% privacy. A would-be burglar may see that you’re checking in from a remote Caribbean isle and take advantage of your absence to make an unannounced visit to your home.

Home Security Mistake # 6 – Flashing your trash

Bought a new LCD TV, fancy computer or other awesome appliances? Be sure to tear up the boxes and place them in garbage bags, instead of placing them on the sidewalk as is.

Home Security Mistake # 7 – Darkness

Instead of asking your neighbors to keep a lookout while you’re away, you allow mail to pile up and the the house is in darkness. This is a dead give-away that your home is abandoned and ready for the plucking. Use light timers to give your home that lived-in look.

Home Security Mistake # 8 – Dark outdoors

Darkness give burglars the ideal cover under which to creep around in your yard at night. Rather install timer lights to cover the yard from dusk till dawn.

Home Security Mistake # 9 – Cheap locks

Locks range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred. Anyone might be mistaken to think that there’s not much difference between the locks in different price ranges… but you most certainly get what you pay for.

Home Security Mistake # 10 – Not changing the locks when moving into a new home

Whether you’re buying an existing home, or moving into a home you bought off plan, you don’t know how many people have spare keys to your new home. Call a locksmith and have the locks replaced pronto!

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