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Tips on How to Stop Losing Your Home or Car Keys from an Emergency Locksmith

Losing one’s keys can be distressing and panic causing. There is never a time when you want to call an emergency locksmith. But, whether it’s in the morning as one rushes to get out of the house and realizes that they cannot remember where they put their keys, or its late after work and you are tired and just want to get into the house and rest ,only to find that your door keys are missing.

After some miserable searching, you have to call for and wait for an emergency locksmith to come and get you out of your fix.

Here are some tips you can practice to avoid the accompanying frustration of losing keys:

Clipping and Attaching Keys

This is a practice that will serve you well and ensure that you do not lose your keys. Clip your keys to an object you know you are most likely to have with you such as your purse or wallet. When you leave, you will always bring them along with you. That is fine unless you lose the purse or wallet!

Spare Keys

This is a practical solution. Don’t ignore it. Have a spare in your bag that just stays there. That way if you ever lose the key and dump all contents of your bag on the porch, the spare key will just drop out along with the rest of the contents in your bag.

Practice this tip with one of the other tips and you will be key-care-free for sometime to come.

Get a ‘Key Spot’

‘Key spot’, ‘my key area’, ‘my key corner’ call it whatever you like. This is an area set aside (preferably near the door) where you will always place your keys. Most people are usually in a hurry as they leave their house or office, but grabbing keys is often the last thing they do as they leave.

Choose a place and leave your key there as you go in and pick them up as you leave from the same spot. After a while, it will become a habit worth keeping.

Memory Tricks

You could try different memory tricks that would be useful in helping you to recall where your keys are. You memorized the periodic table elements this won’t be as hard.


If all the above don’t seem to work, cheating is allowed. Just attach an alarm trigger on your set of keys and carry the activating button with you. If the key is lost, just push the button and follow the alarm/sound. At least that will cut back on the trips that the emergency locksmith will have to make to your house.

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