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Security Tips for a Rented Accommodation

Staying in a rented apartment has its own unique security concerns. Before renting an apartment, you must be well aware of security threats from different servicemen or employees of the apartment community that may have access to different door keys in your rented apartment. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to create a sound security plan before moving to new, rented apartment. Unfortunately, you may not always get to know the correct information regarding the neighborhood’s safety from your landlord. It is a great idea to contact the local police department and find out the crime statistics in the area.

Changing all door locks is the very first thing you should do to beef up your security. Unless you are sure that your landlord has changed it already, you must do this immediately. You may also consider installing an additional deadbolt lock. To prevent your home from lock bumping, install additional, portable devices like dead bolt protector. Windows should also taken into account because many incidences of burglary take place through windows that are unprotected. Use pin locks or any other similar system to protect your sliding glass windows and doors.  Often times, people living in higher floors do not pay attention to safeguard their windows. This can be an expensive mistake because the burglars are well aware of this tendency.

Before deciding to rent an apartment, you should also take your landlord’s permission to install an alarm system. Wireless alarm systems are great for this purpose because they require no drilling of the walls during installation. These wireless systems are affordable, and you can take them with you once you move to another apartment. You can also consider indoor video surveillance in case you are willing to eliminate the risk of  unauthorized entry. These video camera monitoring systems are capable of recording all activities taking place inside your apartment. You can set these systems conspicuously to record activities or place them openly to function as a deterrent. There are different advanced options for you if your landlord prohibits any installations to be done in the apartment. Portable door guard alarms can be a great alternative in such cases.

Build multiple security  layers for your rented apartment by making use of deterrents such as security decals, laser scanner, Fake TV, etc. Also, please remember that there is no better way to remain safe than building responsible habits to keep burglars away.

We have been helping Toronto homeowners build a safe home within an affordable price range since many years. Contact us today if you are worried about the security of your rented apartment. This blog is dedicated to making your life easier by offering important security tips. Please visit again for more useful security tips from a professional locksmith.

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