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Securing Your Home As Toronto Burglaries Increase

The Toronto Police crime indicators show that there are more than 3, 500 reported auto thefts a year, and more than 7, 000 breaking and entering cases every year. According to Aviva Canada, home burglaries usually increase dramatically during the warmer summer months, with Fridays being the most likely day of the week for break ins. Why Fridays? Because many people take Fridays off to enjoy longer weekends away. Since burglars observe properties beforehand, they know when you’re planning to be away from your home.

According to the insurer, February sees the lowest amount of break-ins, and while August has the highest incidence, followed closely by July and September. Most people are home on Sundays, which means that it has a lower break-in frequency.

Statistics are showing, however, that burglary claims are declining as more homeowners start to take precautions by installing high security locks, alarm systems and close-circuit television.

Unfortunately, the value of property that is stolen continues to rise, as the average burglary claim cost has risen by more than 27% since 2010. That is possibly due to the fact that people own more expensive items that are easier to steal and to sell. The common claim includes items such as cell phones, gaming consoles, laptops, jewelry, and cameras. These items enable thieves to get in and out quickly with loot consisting of small, high-value items.

Quebec has the highest incidence of break-ins, which is nearly double the national average, while the Atlantic provinces have a frequency of a third of the national average.

Toronto suburbs have been under attack lately, too, especially North York and Vaughn, where one street recently fell prey to 18 break-in and entering incidents in a short space of time.

How Can You Prevent Break-Ins at Home?

A home invasion can be traumatic as your privacy is disturbed, and these incidents are becoming increasingly more violent, as robbers don’t always wait for residents to be away from home.

1. Install high security locks on all external doors. Look for keyless deadbolt locks with programmable codes and automatic locking mechanisms. The best locks are bump and pick-resistant, which can deter most criminals.

2. Install locks on all your windows, and burglar bars on ground level windows and doors.

3. Install an alarm system in your home. Opt for a system with a loud noise and flashing lights.

4. Don’t broadcast your vacation plans on social media. You can also make the home look occupied while you’re away by parking a car in the driveway and by leaving on some lights inside the home. Leave the radio on and tuned to a talk station so that it sounds like people are communicating inside. You could also ask a neighbour to collect your mail and mow the lawn.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your home is secure just because you have a deadbolt installed. Some deadbolts are easy to bump or saw, rendering it insufficient. When it comes to your family’s safety and security, only the best will do. Get in touch with us today for a free home security assessment.

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