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Safeguard Your Business With Commercial Locksmith Services

Protecting your business premises is equally important as protecting your home. Commercial locksmith services can help to safeguard your employees, stock, confidential information and other important aspects of your business. A certified locksmith can offer a range of specialized services to help improve security and reduce theft, fraud and vandalism at your business premises.

Lock Rekeying


When staff stop working at companies, they often don’t hand in their keys, accounting to a high percentage of inventory loss and theft from Canadian businesses. There is simply no easy way for companies to control the amount of copied keys to their businesses that are in the wrong hands. The best way to handle this situation and regain control of your business’ security, is to call a licensed plumber to rekey your locks immediately.

Similar to business owners who have high staff turnovers, commercial property owners face the issue that tenants move in and out every month. As a commercial property landlord, you have no idea how many keys tenants have issued to their employees, friends or family. It may seem costly to rekey the locks whenever a tenant moves out, but it will save you a small fortune in losses.

Master Keys


Commercial property owners can hire licensed locksmiths to create a master key system that provides each tenant to have a key to their own leased space, while at the same time giving the property manager access to all the doors on his property. This provides the protection the tenants need, while at the same time giving the property manager or owner the access he needs to fulfill his duties. This system is popularly used in office buildings and apartment blocks.

High Security Locks


High security locks minimize the risks that standard locks pose, particularly in office buildings or other properties that require high levels of security. It is much harder to tamper with high security locks, thus most burglars would not even try, opting for offices with standard locks instead.

High security locks are not only for safes and secure cabinets, but for your main entrances and offices where confidential documents, valuable stock or anything else is stored.

Emergency Services

Emergency locksmiths can help extract stuck keys in order to restore locks back to working order. This is just one of the many emergency lock situations that they deal with, should you need help in a hurry, or after hours.

Why Hire a Professional Commercial Locksmith?

Business owners and property managers should always have a licensed locksmith’s number handy in case there is any damage to their locks. A malfunctioning or weak lock can drastically reduce the security of a commercial building.

Highly-trained professionals, licensed locksmiths offer a wide range of other standard services. From installing and repairing push-pull paddles, crash bars and exit devices to magnetic locks, they offer a full-service solution to your commercial property security needs.

Don’t take the safety of your staff and assets for granted. Speak to a professional licensed locksmith today about the best security measures for your business. Also consider equipping your desks and cabinets with locks to help prevent theft during the daytime when employees are left unattended with free reign of the property.

Whatever your security needs, a licensed commercial locksmith will be able to assist.

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