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Replacing vs. Rekeying

An employer after firing a rather disgruntled worker, the landlord after forcefully evicting the non-paying tenant or the young woman after finally dumping that crazy boyfriend – they all have something in common: they are all thinking about how to upgrade the security of their homes or workplace with a possible locks rekey Toronto. One of the simpler solutions they might settle for would either to rekey or replace their locks. Choosing between either courses of action would depend on a variety factors.

First, the difference between rekeying and replacing is fairly simple. Rekeying involves the transformation of the inside of the lock, changing its tumblers so that the previous key does not work and a new key is used for the lock. What the locksmith would do is to rearrange the pins inside the tumblers within the lock so that the existing key becomes useless and a new key is then molded for the padlock. Rekeying, when compared to replacing the locks is definitely less expensive, since new appliances would not be needed and the locksmith would also take less time carrying out the task.

Rekeying would be recommended if the size of the project were large, such as changing all the locks in a house, for example when moving into a new house. A landlord would also consider this option, especially if they own a number of house units, when they want to change locks in the house they own. Rekeying would also come in handy, for the same landlord, when they want to have a master key for all their units. The pins in all locks could be arranged in such a way that they can be opened using a special key and thus save them from having to carry around a large set of keys.

There are some instances, however, where replacing the locks becomes the more viable option. If the case should arise that the locks are broken, or have been worn down through attrition, rekeying would be useless. Changing the locks would also be recommended to an employer who has had major staffing changes in his company, or after acquiring new equipment. This would definitely upgrade the security system, especially with the use high-quality locks, such as those provided by locks rekey Toronto. While thinking along the same vein, if a house has been recently broken into, a change of locks would be much better than rekeying.

Ultimately the choice between rekeying and replacing boils down to how much one is willing to spare, in terms of time and money, as well circumstances surrounding the change.



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