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Reduce Risks By Knowing When to Change Your Locks

Locks were invented for a reason:  Security. It keeps the good elements inside, and the bad elements on the outside. These days, keeping your locks in good working order is more important than ever, as criminals are constantly reaching new levels of creativity. As a member of society, it is vital that you know when your locks require changing, in order to keep yourself, your family and your property safe.

Remember that your home, your car and your business all have locks that require regular maintenance and changing when necessary. Changing your locks can save you misfortune and the trauma of becoming a victim of crime. It is a regular maintenance activity for most homeowners, particularly when:

You move into a new home:  Don’t fool yourself when you move into a brand-new house, thinking you don’t have to change the locks. Remember, during the process of building your home and fitting it out, many different contractors had access to your home. There is a risk that one or more of them could still have a copy of the keys.

Tenants move out:  If you have had people renting your property and they move out, you should change your locks. They may have had the keys copied for their convenience, and you never know who might get their hands on it.

Your keys are lost or stolen:  We all lose our keys from time to time, but rather than having new keys cut, it would be better to have your locks changed. If you don’t change your locks and the wrong person picks up your keys, you could be in big trouble.

Changing Old Locks

As with everything else, your locks also have a life span. The more frequently it is use, the shorter the lifespan. If your locks are loose, or if they don’t allow you to easily turn the key inside, they will need replacing.

When it comes to changing locks, you might opt to do it yourself. However, without the expert know-how, you may not get a good result, and you will end up paying even more money to have it fixed than you would if you just hired a locksmith. Locksmiths are available 24/7, all year, around the clock.

A professional locksmith with insurance and proper licensing can provide excellent service by identifying the best locking mechanism for your needs. Using the right tools and equipment will ensure that you save money on the lock change, and a professional locksmith has both the tools and the know-how.

Don’t delay when you know you need your locks changed. Every moment counts. Instead of trying to save money, hire a professional locksmith, as it could potentially save your life and those of your family.

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