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Re-Key vs. Replace: Why You Should Change Your Locks Frequently

With the amount of burglaries happening in Toronto, we find it amazing that people still don’t get their new homes and business re-keyed when they move in. The most important thing you can do for your family, when you move into a new property, is to get it re-keyed using a new key combination. You don’t know who had keys to the home before you moved in, and therefore you don’t know who can gain access to your new home. Do you really want to take that chance?

We recently re-keyed some locks for a realtor who called us after a tenant moved out of one of his apartments, but then kept returning every few nights to shower and use the apartment without paying. The realtor only knew about it after another tenant told him about it and asked what she should do. After informing her that the previous tenant was trespassing, he got in touch with Locksmith Toronto Ontario and asked us to re-key the locks.

What is Re-Keying?


When we locksmiths re-key your locks, we take apart the lock to change the pins inside the barrel. That renders the old key useless, which is on goal, but it is also a lot cheaper than having to replace the lock. Here are some options to consider:

You could of course buy a DIY re-keying kit, if you have professional locksmith experience. However, those kits are not always accurate, leading to midnight callouts to your local locksmith.

You could save money on a locksmith call out by taking the lock out and taking it to the locksmith yourself. That way, you won’t have to pay for a call-out and that way save money as a result.

When to Re-Key or Change Locks

If you’re a property manager, you have two options:

Replacing Locks: If you have rental properties, you will probably see quite a bit of tenancy turnover. Replacing expensive locks every time someone moves out can end up costing you a small fortune. So you can either buy cheap locks, or re-key higher quality locks to ensure the safety of your tenants.

Re-keying Locks: Much cheaper than replacement locks, re-keying is the ideal cost saving option if you see a high tenant turnover and wish to use quality high security locks, which is a great selling point. People would happily pay a higher rental for a more secure property, and that will go some way to paying towards the cost of re-keying the locks when they leave.

Once a tenant moves out, have the locks changed or re-keyed right away.

More Reasons to Re-Key Your Locks

Whether you’re a property owner or manager, it is a good idea to change or rekey the locks whenever the need arises. Locksmith Toronto Ontario tends to several break-ins that involve forced entry. It is common, and in many cases, an old key or a copied key is used.

You may also wish to have your locks set up to open with a single master key, to avoid having too many keys on a single ring, or to avoid confusion. It is also convenient for owners of rental properties.

Call Locksmith Toronto Ontario for any standard or emergency lock and key issues, whether it is for your home, business or vehicle.

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