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Protect Your Home from Lock Bumping

Many of the readers of this post have already heard about lock bumping. Those who regularly spend time online or watch local news have surely heard spine chilling stories about this new technique of lock picking. From the technical point of view, lock bumping can be defined as a lock picking technique where specially created bump keys are used to open pin tumbler locks. In order to ensure proper functioning of the process, it is important that the bump key corresponds perfectly with the lock to be picked.

Security experts around the world consider lock bumping as a clear threat to all households that use pin tumbler locks to protect their valuables. The most alarming fact is that it takes less than an hour to learn this technique and the tools required for lock bumping are rather inexpensive. Properly trained burglars can perform lock bumping in less than a minute without leaving any trace at all.

It is important to note that lock bumping is not a recently developed technique. However, the use of this technique for wrongful intentions have increased drastically in the recent years. This is because there has been a significant spread of lock bumping information across the internet. As security professionals, we often come across homeowners looking to stay protected against this rapidly emerging threat to their safety and security.

The safest alternative to protect your home from lock bumping is to install bump proof locks. BiLock cylinder is one of the most recommended locks if you are looking for bump proof locks. Most of the common locks are susceptible to bumping because they have top pins. BiLock can not be bumped because these locks do not have any top pin. Within the key, it also has a trigger mechanism and two sidebars. BiLock cylinder is considered to be high security system that provides a high degree of key control. You can also purchase these lock cylinders as a part of the door knob lock or deadbolt. In some residential locks, it is possible to add these lock cylinders without replacing the entire doorknob or deadbolt.

If you are serious about keeping your home safe against lock bumping, the best option for you is the replacement of your existing deadbolt with a combination of the deadbolt and a BiLock cylinder. This installation is simple, and the existing holes on your door should fit the new system. Lock upgrade cost for lock bumping prevention is higher than that for average lock systems. However, this is certainly a worthwhile investment if you want to stay one step ahead of lock bumping experts.

Thank you very much for taking the time to go through this post. We hope this discussion will help you arrange better security for your life and property.

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