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Picking the right lock is important

When you’re looking at all the different security measures that will keep your family safe and sound, the tendency is to look at the most modern and innovative. People like to think they are more secure with a keyless entry lock, and in some situations that’s true, but there’s still something to be said for more traditional varieties when it comes to security and the locks you pick.

Start by considering what you need the lock for and you’ll be on the right path to finding the most cost effective and efficient models. For example, you might not want to use one as the only lock on the front door of your home, but a padlock is a simple straightforward variety that has more than a few uses around the home or office. There are some interesting security features here like the fact that some models will hold the key in place when the lock is opened so there’s little chance of losing it.

Knob locks are used primarily in residential situations quite often as the primary lock on the front door or as a compliment to a deadbolt. Remember that these locks can be broken with a hammer so there not considered the best choice for external doors.

The kind of door that you pick is another factor you’ll need to look at. Often, the most accomplished locksmiths will tell their clients that nothing short of a solid wood or steel door will do when it comes to security. Remember that regardless of how well the lock you finally choose is made, if the door that holds it in place is weak or flimsy, burglars will be able to break into your home.

Of course there are other choices for the inside locks in your home or office and the lever handle lock is one of the more popular choices. These can be changed to accommodate right and left handed people and these locks are known for their accessibility so they appeal to people with handicaps.

Finally, there’s one of the old standbys and that’s the deadbolt. This is one of the more popular locks since it provides added security. Still, experts warn against what’s called the double deadbolt since these have keyed entries from both the interior and exterior and present a safety hazard for leaving the building in the event of an emergency.



























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