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Ousted Arts Club President Sues Locksmith

The “Bird Man of Gramercy Park” has sued a locksmith alleging that the technician’s action prevented him from getting to his apartment to get documents that were to help clear his name. Locksmith in Toronto brings you this story.

Changed Locks

The ousted National Arts Club chief, Aldon James has sued the technician for changing his former coop’s locks. Because of the change in locks he claims that that barred him from gaining entry into the club’s mansion to get records that he needed for his name to be cleared.

The former president has sued against Edward Warshaw the owner of a hardware store in the lawsuit said that he was locked out by the technician and that allegedly hindered his ability to clear himself amid investigations into issues to do with the finances of the club.

James is facing charges related to the club’s finances.  James is referred to as the “Birdman of Gramercy Park” as he kept birds at the mansion in the pad he lived in the club.

Club Officials Sued

The lawsuit states that the records that were destroyed were vital in his defense in the multi-million dollar in damages suits filed against him by the club and the Attorney General.

The former president of the club is in addition suing club officials accused of canning him.

One of the partners at the Warshaw Hardware located on 3rd Avenue, Warshaw, said that the claim by the ousted president is “meritless.”

Warshaw said that he did not perform the work and that he was indeed a customer until the club removed him. He said that he was hurt and disappointed that he had been included in what he called shenanigans.

Barry Felder, James’s lawyer says that an investigation conducted showed that the locks were changed by Warshaw.

Twin Brother

James left the coop back in 2011 when a probe was underway regarding suspicious finances in the club. Among some allegations were that James with John his twin both rented apartments in Tilden Mansion at only slightly over $350 each month.

In August 2012, James was hit with a suit in the Manhattan Supreme Court by the Attorney General. The 2 were charged with taking over at least 20 apartments as well as other rooms for rent and filled the rooms with junk.

The suit states that the National Arts Club lost $1.5 million plus in income from rent.

James began his stint as president in 1986. He is also facing charges of utilizing $250,000 of the club’s funds to meet cab, meal, items purchase at flea markets, antique shops, vintage stores all for resale.

The ousted president has denied any misuse of club funds.

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