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Locksmith Tips for Preventing Home Break-Ins

You work hard to make a home for your family, and you should do what you can to prevent some unscrupulous criminal from invading your space and taking your expensive possessions. Waking up to find you have been robbed is one of the worst things that can happen and that’s why you, as a homeowner, have to do what you can to prevent unlawful entry into your home.

Our master locksmith offers these tips to help you secure your home:

1. Secure Your Doors


Burglars are becoming bolder, and that’s why it’s important to lock your front door and kitchen door. At the least, invest in 1″ throw deadbolts on these doors. Even better, invest in keyless locks for all entry doors. Keyless locks are operated by means of unique user codes and you eliminate the risk that comes with hiding keys in flower pots or under your door mats. Keys can’t be lost or stolen, as keyless locks don’t use keys.

2. Secure Your Windows


Installing metal grills will go a long way to keeping burglars out of your home. When you leave the home, be sure to close the windows. You may wish to speak to your locksmith about installing an alarm that will sound, should someone gain entry to your home. Some alarm systems automatically alert your security company or the police.

3. Lock the Garage Doors


Garage doors offer easy access to the home, not only for those who live there, but also for unlawful visitors. A garage is the perfect entry way for burglars, who can close the doors after them and spend the whole day cleaning you out while you’re at work.

Instead of running the risk of forgetting to lock the garage door, speak to your locksmith about installing an automated locking system that is operated from within your car.

Once you have taken the steps to invest in professional security measures, you need to look at your yard and home setup with critical eyes. What else can be done to make your home as unappealing as possible to burglars?

Timer Lights

Lighting is a good way to make your home look active, night and day. You could invest in timer lights, or you could simply put different lights on at different times of the night. Most criminals watch houses for days or weeks to establish your routine. Invest in blockout curtains and don’t follow a specific routine where lights are concerned.

You could even invest in LED lights that mimic the glow of a television set. Leave it on in different rooms on different nights to deter criminals.


Be sure to maintain your landscaping at all times, keeping hedges well-trimmed and neat. Unkempt gardens offer the perfect hideaway for criminals.

Good locksmiths stay on the cutting edge of criminal trends, and are able to advise you on the latest inventions to help keep your home and family safe.

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