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Locksmith in Toronto and Security Facts

Gone are the days when people used to hide their jewelry, cash, and guns inside a drawer, below their beds, in closest or in the freezer. Today, everything has totally changed when it comes to safety of family property. It is your responsibility to take appropriate action towards family safety as well as securing your property. This article talks briefly about the most three burglary statistics. The three facts about burglary will bring light to you and if you follow and act appropriately then safety will be enhanced at your place.


1) 10 am and 3 pm is the time most break-ins occur

In any business, strategies should be laid in order to optimize the outcome. Thieves also make plans before embarking on their jobs. Majority of people are normally at work at 10 am and 3 pm; this is the exact time thieves break into their homes to steal. This is a fact and researchers have proved it. Once you leave your home for work, thieves have a higher chance of stealing your property without any fear of being caught. Therefore, everyone who leaves for work during daytime should take the necessary precautions to ensure maximum security of their property. Such precautions include locking doors, activating surveillance systems and alarms, as well as locking windows. You can also trick thieves by pretending to be around; you can achieve this by leaving some toys at the entrance, radio playing, or a light on.

2) Most Burglars are in and out in only 8 to 12 minutes

Majority of burglars are very wise and normally take less than 10 minutes in the house. Therefore having alarms on cannot prevent them from breaking in though they will be under pressure. Despite of the pressure from alarm, thieves can still accomplish their goal of stealing before the police arrive. However, the idea of installing alarm systems in your home is comforting since a reasonable amount of security can be granted. Besides, the use of video surveillance systems as well as properly installed safes serves as an added advantage to high security alarm system and locks.

3) The Master Bedroom Is the First Target Most of the Time

Research has shown that most thieves target the master bedroom first. Therefore, they will enter the house most probably through the window. To prevent thieves from doing this, you can install a safe in the master bedroom or install impact windows. In addition, you can set up high security locks in your closets as well as compartments. When installing master bedroom safes consider trying the floor safes or hidden wall safes.

Toronto locksmith is normally thinking about security on your behalf. Simply contact the Toronto locksmiths and a great security shield will be created in your home.


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