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Local Locksmith Designs Mechanism to Improve Classroom Door Securing

In the wake of recent school shootings, school districts have been engaged in discussions to seek ways in which to make classrooms safer. A local locksmith has designed a device that will lead to this end. Most talks end up in calling for more action by police.

Classroom Defender

One school has decided to try a better way. The school is installing a new kind of lock for its doors. The device, designed by a local locksmith in White House, Tennessee, is made with the intention of keeping any possible danger from getting to the students.

Classroom Defender is the name of the device. There are many securing mechanisms, but the man who has designed this one insists it’s easy, quick and will indeed save lives.

Darryl Manlove is an officer patrolling White House Heritage High School and is also its resource officer. He says that the building has more than 70 staff and 916 students, so for them it is a huge undertaking. To Manlove and a number of school leaders operating in Robertson County, the little device is in itself a large way to help keep staff, but more importantly, students safe in potentially dangerous circumstances.

According to Manlove, the device will be one more way that the school will use to secure the building from the inside, much more than it is at present.

Jayson Wolbert is the local locksmith who has designed the Classroom Defender. After the Newtown school shooting he saw the need for a device that was easy and quick to use to secure classroom doors and created it.

How it Works

Wolbert says that all a teacher has to do in the event of a dangerous intruder is to walk to the entry door and to press down on a black pedal on the device with their foot. This action drives a bolt down into the ground.

Classroom Defender will be fitted only inside of doors so that students or teachers can quickly secure the door in case of an emergency, they do not have to go into hallways with sets of keys to lock doors. This way if there is an intruder who’s going down the hallway wielding a gun then no teacher will be out trying to lock doors.

An elementary school in Robertson County is putting in place the devices on five of its doors come next week. Some of the county leaders want the devices or at least similar ones in each door in classes in their district.

Apart from the Robertson County schools, local locksmith Wolbert has orders for it from other schools around the nation, including one small college located in New York.



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