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Keep Your Kids & Pets Safe This Summer

It’s summer and the days are hot, which is why Locksmith Toronto Ontario would like to caution you about leaving your children and pets in the vehicle. Attended or not, the heat inside your car can quickly rise to dangerous levels, even if the air conditioner has been on during the drive. Within less than five minutes in the summer sun, your car can go from comfortable to dangerous. Every minute that your child or your pet is left alone can have a horrific impact.

The temperature inside your car impacts on that of your child or pet. Babies and small children can very quickly be affected by the rising temperature, becoming dehydrated and have difficulty breathing. Some of the signs of heat stroke include dizziness and seizures. Severe cases of heat stroke lead to death. Likewise, your pets will start panting when the temperature becomes unbearable. Dehydration will cause their eyes to glaze over and their heart rates to increase. Pets can also suffer from heat strokes, seizures and death as a result of being locked in a hot car.

Here are some of the strategies you can implement to keep your kids and pets safe this summer by preventing locking them in the car.

1. Don’t ever leave your kids or pets in the car in the hot summer – or any other time for that matter.
2. No matter how quick you plan on being, simply take them with you.
3. If you can’t take your kids or pets with you, then leave them at home in the care of a responsible person.
4. If you have no choice other than taking them with, leave them in the car with another person who can regulate the temperature.
5. Don’t forget your sleeping baby in the back seat. You can create a reminder, such as placing their bag in the front, or placing something else you have to take with next to your child in the back.
6. Always lock your car doors and close the windows, even at home. Children and pets may enter the car and accidentally become locked in.

What to Do When Someone Else Left Kids or Pets in Their Car

1. Write down the details of the vehicle and ask a business nearby to make an announcement over the loudspeaker. Stay with the vehicle until help arrives.
2. Call the ambulance or pet control immediately, and remain with the vehicle until help arrives.
3. If it takes too long for help to arrive, or if the child or animal’s life is in danger, find a witness to back you up and break a window.

Signs of heat stroke:

  • red, hot skin
  • no sweat
  • slow, weak, or strong rapid pulse
  • nausea
  • a throbbing headache
  • confusion

4. Look for signs of distress and offer water or wet towels to help the child cool down while you wait for an ambulance and or law enforcement. If it is a pet, you may want to take it to a veterinarian.

It is important to educate as many people as possible about the risks of locking children and pets in hot cars this summer and the steps to take in an emergency.

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