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Improving Your Business Security: Top 10 Tips

Improving Your Business Security: Top 10 Tips

As a business owner, the security of your data, stock and equipment is paramount. You have spent a lot of time building your business, so it’s only natural that you want to protect it. Locksmith Toronto, Ontario is a commercial security expert, offering a range of services to businesses.

Internal and External Threats

Not all thieves are burglars who break in by picking your locks in the dark of the night. Instead, a sizable of losses that occur in businesses today, are caused by employees working for companies. For that reason, Locksmith Toronto, Ontario recommends that you take a proactive response to your company’s overall security. From rekeying your existing locks when a staff member leaves or after a breach to installing high security systems, we can advise on the top 10 security improvements every business should look at.

1. Installing High Security Locks

High security locks control some of the common risks and issues business owners face, such as sharing keys with employees, people duplicating keys without permission, or simply wanting to know who enters and exits your premises, and when.

2. Fitting Intercom Systems

Solid wood doors are great, and metal doors are the best. However, you need to know who is on the other side. An intercom system can help ease this process, as it provides remote controlled entry. It can be managed by a receptionist. Also be sure to equip the receptionist with a panic button in case of emergency.

3. Install Keyless Locks

Keyless locks are operated using passwords, PINs, access cards or thumbprints, to name a few. This alleviates the risk of keys being copied or handed out or lost.

4. Install Cylinder Guards

A cylinder guard is the best piece of security equipment for a glass storefront lock. It acts as a slip ring, rotating freely around the lock and preventing the burglar from applying any torque to the actual lock.

5. Install a Custom-Made Strike Plate

Using deadbolts is a good start, but you also have to ensure that you have a solid strike plate, secured with 2.5″ minimum screws.

6. Ensure Hinges are Inside

When hinges are on the outside, they can easily be removed to gain entry. Speak to your locksmith about ways to alleviate the risks associated with this, and potential fixes for your specific situation.

7. Install Bars

Windows provide easy access, especially if there are no bars installed. Consider installing custom made bars, as they are usually cheaper, yet stronger.

8. Be the Light

Bright lights can discourage criminals from trying to gain entry, so be sure to leave lights on inside your premises during the night.

9. Install Electronic Safes

If you handle money on site every day, it is important to install an electronic safe. Much more difficult to compromise, you can find one that triggers an alarm when someone attempts to break in.

10. Regular Maintenance

Some business owners have all the security devices but none of the security because they don’t schedule regular security maintenance calls. Locks should be rekeyed when an employee leaves, and other staff must be given new keys. Likewise, the entire property should be assessed for potential damage or threats to the integrity of your security system.

Call your Toronto Locksmith today for a security consultation for your business.

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