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How to Prevent Vehicle Break-ins This Summer

Summer is finally here, and crooks are chomping at the bit to take advantage of motorists’ laid-back attitudes. We leave our windows down and we don’t always think about hiding our valuables away. Even if your window is only cracked open the slightest bit, it is an invitation to crooks to take their pick of your belongings. It can be traumatic and frustrating to become a victim of petty crimes such as summer vehicle break-ins, especially when you know you should’ve locked the car.

What You Can Do to Avoid Summer Break-Ins

1. If you work until after dark, be sure to get to work early enough to get a parking spot close by. Parking far away from the office poses many risks for people who work late.

2. When you go out at night, be sure to park under a light to dissuade would-be criminals from breaking in.

3. Keep your keys on your person and don’t ever hide keys in common hiding places such as under the seat or ashtray. Those common hiding places are the first place a criminal will look.

4. Walk around the car and look in the back seat before you get into the car. You may well have stumbled upon a criminal.

5. Invest in window tinting. Tinted windows are harder to see through and they help to reduce the heat in the car.

6. Don’t leave anything lying in the car or on the back set. Before locking the car, check the backseat and the foot wells to ensure that there’s nothing lying around. If you can see it, so can a criminal. Lock everything away in the trunk or in a locked glove box if you can’t take it with you.

7. Never leave flammables such as lighters out in the sun.

Vehicles continue to become more technologically advanced, but at the same time, criminals become more savvy. A hands-free key fob can unlock the car from 30 centimeters away, which means the car is constantly reaching out to connect with the key; when it does, you can unlock the car without using the key or touching the car.

Criminals now use a power amplifier to unlock cars. This device projects the signal of the car as far as 100 meters, causing the car to find the key fob, wherever it is. Since January, Toronto police have found a spike in driveway breakins with no damage to the cars, particularly in Lexus and Toyota SUVs.

The solution is to store your car keys inside your microwave, refrigerator or freezer, if you don’t have a metal safe. The metal will block the amplifier.

Always consider the next moment, as that’s the best way to avoid disappointment later on in life. By taking the necessary precautions, you can end up saving plenty time, money and heartache. Most importantly, it is important to always lock up your car.

If you’re worried about your vehicle’s security, consider speaking to a professional Toronto locksmith about your options.

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