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How to Make Your Doors Burglarproof?

With the rapidly increasing rate of burglary, homeowners are repeatedly looking for new ways to beef up security measures for their home. As per the statistical figures, an extremely high percentage of burglaries take place through the back or front door of the houses. This is why it makes sense to secure these doors in the best possible way. Given below are some simple tips to help you have completely burglarproof doors.

The most important aspect of securing your doors is to opt for the right kind of door. Do you have hollow doors installed at your home. If yes, have them all replaced without wasting any time. Make sure your new doors are solid, and are metal, solid wood, or fiberglass made. While installing a new door with frame, opt for outward swinging fiber glass doors. These doors offer minimum opportunity for a forced entry.

To maximize your security, make sure all your doors are windowless and there is no window closer to any of the doors. All glass door panels and sliding glass doors must be secured both inside and outside by polycarbonate panels and security grilles respectively.

Unlocked doors are common entry points for many burglars. Make it a habit to lock all your exterior doors even if you are going out for a short while. Other than sliding doors, all other types of exterior doors must have a high quality deadbolt lock installed. If possible, opt for solid metal made grade 1 or 2 deadbolt locks without any exposed screws.

Dead locks or exit-only deadbolts can also provide an additional layer or security. Dead locks have no external key, and they can not be broken into unless the door is destroyed. The best security arrangement for sliding doors is the installation of keyed locks at the door’s top and bottom. You can also reinforce the glass door with polycarbonate panels.

The next important job for you is the reinforcement of your entryway. Lock cylinders can be damaged or removed by the burglars by wrenching, hammering, or prying. You may use protective plates or metal guard rings to protect your lock cylinders on both sides of the door. Check the strike plates of all your exterior doors to ensure that all of them are heavy-duty metal made and are secured by 3 inch long screws. Also, if possible, try to make sure that all the exposed hinges are on the inner side of all your doors. Finally, fortify the frame of your door by installing a series of screws along the doorstop and frame.

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