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How to Choose the Best Keyless Door Lock?

Lock and key systems have been critical to protecting our home and property over the years. However, the advent of modern technology has now opened up several alternative security solutions for consumers. Keyless door locking system is one of the most popular of these options. These highly efficient systems have been designed to eliminate the use of keys. Users are required to touch a finger pad or type a numerical code for their admittance. Keyless locking systems are highly sought after because of their unique benefits.

Firstly, people using keyless entry systems need not worry about stolen and lost keys. These systems also offer a much higher degree of protection. There is no risk of unsolicited entry into your premises because everything this controlled by the advanced touchpad or the number keys. Most importantly, these systems are no as expensive as many of you may think.

Several types of keyless door locks are available in the market. All important factor for you is to choose one that serves your purpose without burning a hole in your pocket. Some of the most common types of keyless systems are the mechanical, electrical, remote, and biometric or fingerprint types. The mechanical type of keyless door locking systems have a private code that has to be used to enter the user’s business or home. The door is unlocked when a mechanical response is signaled by the private code. These systems are considered to be the top choice for homes and commercial buildings where battery or electrically operated locks are preferred. Electrically operated keyless entry systems also require a code to unlock the system. However, they are electrically operated and have an entirely different mode of operation.

As the name suggests, remote keyless door locking systems can be opened can be opened from a reasonably long distance using a remote control device. In addition to homes, these systems are also used frequently in different types of vehicles. Fingerprint or biometric systems are probably the most advanced of all keyless lock systems. These systems maintain the fingerprint or some other biometric record of all individuals who are permitted to enter the premises. Entry is allowed only after the scanning of the person’s print. These systems are used in places where an ultra high level of security is needed.

Apart from these variants, consumers also have the alternative to opt for dual sided types that can be locked from the inside. Both deadbolts and door handle locks are available in the keyless option. No matter what type of lock and key system you are using at present, it is possible to replace it with a keyless version for it.

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