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Home Security Tips for the Festive Days

Record suggest that some of the worst cases of burglary takes place in Toronto during the festivals. Home security often takes a backseat during festive times as the family members and friends get together to celebrate. However, it is important to take a note of the fact that the slightest of security lapses can be costly during these parts of the year as most of the burglars are extremely active during the festive days. In their eyes, a festive occasion is a golden opportunity because most of the households are off guard. Families traveling during festivals often become a soft target of the burglars because they do not follow the basic security measures. The easy tips shared below will help you keep burglars away during the next festive occasion.

  • Many of us have the bad habit of keeping our door keys hidden near the front door. Don’t think the burglars are not aware of this habit of ours. Therefore, never keep your keys concealed below the carpet, inside the flowerpot, above the door ledge, or any other similar place. Instead, hand over your keys to a neighbor that you trust.
  • We often wander how do the burglars find out when we are not present in our home. They rely on a number of occupancy cues such as piled up newspapers or continuously burning outdoor lights. Instead of keeping your outdoor lights on throughout the day, use a light timer. Request your trusted neighbor to collect your newspapers etc. to keep the front of your home clean.
  • It may sound strange, but posting your family name on the house entrance or mailbox can be another cue for the burglars. It is very easy for them to call directory assistance and find out your number. Once the have the number, they can very easily find out that you are away.
  • Similarly, avoid leaving descriptive messages for the answering machine stating that you are away on a vacation. Burglars just love these messages because they know that they have enough time to plan and break into your house.
  • We often pile up empty gift wraps and boxes in front of the house for the garbage man to pick up during the festive seasons. This is yet another invitation to the burglars by telling them about the expensive gifts that you may have received.
  • Finally, there is no better way to thwart the burglars than fortifying your house by installing heavy duty locks, solid core doors, or secondary security devices.

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