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Home Safety: Must-Have Locks to Keep Your Children Safe

Everyone cares about home safety. We want to protect the things that we have worked so hard to obtain. However, when you’re a parent, home safety becomes your number one priority. Not only do you have material belongings to protect, but your most precious possessions and their safety is in your hands. A home should be a place of safety and your children, especially smaller ones, should be able to play around and grow up in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Today we’re going to discuss some of the most important ways to secure your home.

Children, by nature, are curious and sometimes a bit careless, but they don’t have the maturity to handle situations as well as adults do. So the objectives of home safety include:

➔ keeping children inside the home
➔ keeping them out of harm’s way
➔ and preventing them from accessing dangerous objects.

Of course, locks don’t provide 100% peace of mind, but they can make the job of supervision a lot easier. Adult-friendly homes, even if they are baby- or child proof, can still pose dangers of slips, tumbles and falls. As your child grows, he may outgrow your baby proofing efforts, so until your child has developed the cognitive skills to safeguard himself, childproofing remains a work in progress.

Children with special needs often require even more safeguarding, as they have extremely high levels of curiosity and can get into all kinds of trouble.

Let’s look at the basics you will need to keep your children safe at home:

Good Fences Keep Children Inside

Children just love going for walks and exploring the outdoors. Invest in a high fence with a securely locked gate.

Monitor Your Kids From a Distance Using CCTV

Close circuit television enables you to keep an eye on the kids, even while you’re working in your home office.

Alarms Keep Kids In and Baddies Out

Of course, no matter how hard you work on keeping your child inside, you also want to protect them from unlawful visitors. A house alarm takes care of both aspects.


Keyed Deadbolts Keep Escape Artists Inside

By placing keyed deadbolts on all your exterior doors, you can keep small children inside while at the same time adding to the general security of your home. However, be aware that many autistic children are extremely well-skilled at figuring out all things technology, so a keyed deadbolt should be part of the strategy, and not the entire strategy.

Window Locks Prevent Escapes and Tumbles

Small children often have a false perception of height, and may want to climb out windows to get to the outside. Be sure to install window locks, especially on upper-level windows.

Expert Tip: If your child pounds on the window glass, replace it with Plexiglass, which won’t cause injuries.

Keep Kids From Sleep-Walking Outside Their Rooms

Many kids sleep walk, and that can be dangerous, especially if your home has stairs. Instead of locking your child in the room at night, and feeling like a prison guard, rather attach entryway safety gates (baby gates) in the doorway. For older children, you may be able to stack two gates on top of the other.

When you need advice or help installing these and other security features, be sure to speak to a qualified locksmith. Keeping your child safe is an investment that will add a tremendous amount of peace of mind.

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