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High Security Locks: Understanding Their Purpose

When choosing new locks for your home or business, it is important to understand the difference between high security and standard locks. The purpose of locks is to avoid privacy violations, however there are many cheap and inferior locks on the market that offer nothing more than a small distraction. These inferior locks can easily be broken or bypassed, allowing unsavory characters entry to your office or home.

Understanding how locks can be defeated will help you discover whether you should invest in standard locks or high security locks. It lies in finding out how burglars operate.

Lock Picking

This method is most often used by burglars who have a lot of time on their hands. In movies and crime shows, it would seem simpler than it really is. A skilled lock picker takes around five minutes to do the job, unlike television shows that have them do it in a few seconds.

Lock pick sets allow skilled thieves to manually align the pins to turn cylinders and unlock the door. In most cases, there is no sign that the lock has been tampered with.

Lock Bumping

Cheap, low security lock cylinders use matching pin tumblers on the lock and the key. These pin tumblers have to be aligned in order for the cylinder to be rotated, which unlocks the door. Lock bumping is done by inserting a modified key and tapping it, which aligns the pin tumblers into place.

A bumped lock is also undetectable, but contrary to picking, it can be done in seconds.

Lock Drilling

Burglars can use a cordless drill to drill straight through cylinders and disabling the lock. This is usually used on deadbolts that have no drill resistance, before brute force is used to turn the cylinder, allowing the deadbolt to unlock.

Of course, this type of attack will leave the lock damaged.

Unfortunately, the market still lacks pick-, bump- and drill-proof locks, but high security locks contain built-in safeguards to hinder burglars’ success. So while they are not attack-proof, these high security locks are certainly drill, pick and bump resistant.

About High Security Locks

High security locks hinder burglars by having added protectors that are strategically placed inside the lock. For instance, steel rods or plates will deflect drill bits away from the target.

Other high security locks use multiple pins, all of which will have to be accurately aligned by the picker in order for the lock to unlock, in addition to the horizontal slide on the key. Not only does this slow down the burglar, but it also diminishes his likelihood of success.

Many standard locks offer no resistance against being kicked in. However, high security locks have reinforced strike plates that are mounted on the door frame, rather than screwed into studs in the soft wood stripping.

With each passing minute, a burglar”s chances of being caught, increases.

When looking for new high-security locks, you will find that high security locks have a special set of ratings, based on specific safety criteria. The more difficult, time consuming or expensive it is to damage a lock, the higher it will rate.

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