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Every Business Needs a Safe

Nearly every business has small, yet valuable items and cash that should be protected. A new startup may be able to keep the cash in a wallet, but when it becomes too much, most businesses change to a lock box. The questions is, what will you do when the lock box becomes too small, or when there’s more cash and possessions in the little box, which could easily be removed from the premises by the wrong person? As the business owner, you can’t walk around with the lock box. You need a business safe and security system.

When it comes to choosing business security, including alarms and business safes, it is important to take your time to research your options and choose the right option.

How to Choose a Business Safe

A safe is a great way to protect your assets, provided you choose the right safe for your needs. Not all business safes are water- or fire proof. If you need your documents and other items protected from water and fire, you need to choose a business safe that offers water and fire resistance. Other important aspects to consider, include:

  • the locking mechanism,
  • access,
  • location,
  • and size.

Safe manufacturers supply specialized safes for specific needs, including:

  • Office Safes to secure documents and data while still making it easy to frequently access the information.
  • Media and Data Safes can be used to store valuable data and media when off-site storage is not the best option.
  • Deposit Safes are suitable to any business that deals with frequent cash transactions. These safes fit right under the counter, allowing convenient access to cash without requiring that staff open the safe every time.
  • Multi-user Safes provide access to several employees who need access to the same safe. Using a key code locking system, each user is assigned an individual code. Premium options record who accessed the safe, complete with times, sending the information straight to your computer.
  • Fire Proof Safes come in a range of sizes, offering up to two hours of protection against heat of 1200o F to 1850o F.
  • Specialty Safes are designed for an intended purpose, such as jewelry safes, gun safes, or computer safes.

A business safe should not be chosen based on budget, but rather based on your specific needs.

How Does a Locksmith Help You Choose a Business Safe?

Professional locksmiths can help you choose the right safe for your business based on your needs. When you call XXX Locksmiths, we will send a trained, specialist business safe locksmith out to your premises. Whether you have a new or old business, we will assess the location and see how you can enhance the security of your premises. When it comes to your business safes, we will:

Assess Your Requirements – What do you want to store, and who must be able to access it?

Recommend Equipment – It can be difficult to size a safe, but we will help you. We will also choose the best locking mechanism to handle your intended use.

Professional Installation – The best safe is useless if it is not installed in the right locations and to manufacturers’ instructions. We will handle that for you too.

Get in touch with Locksmith Toronto, Ontario today to offer you a professional business safe assessment and expert recommendations.

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